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Tuesday Review: The House Bunny or Anne of Green Gables

I told you I was going to relax on weekends.  I got bored on Sunday when my husband went to play poker, and he hates these stupid girlie type movies, so I decided to treat myself to an afternoon of mind trash.  I watched the dumbest one first, once I figured out how to turn on the tv.  I don’t watch tons of tv, and Vince has it going all day so usually when he is gone I take a vacation from ON.  This time, he wasn’t here, so I had to turn it on by myself, and I pressed something wrong, and I got fuzz.  It’s a long story, but I gave the tech guy at Dish Network a great rating with his boss.


I’m kind of fascinated with Playboy bunnies.  I have watched several episodes of the reality series “The Girls Next Door”.  My conclusion to that was wondering how anyone that age could WANT only to have their own dinky BEDROOM to share with a little dog, an old man, tons of other women that age, and spend all of their time at a beauty parlor, and shopping.  It seemed so ridiculous to me that I couldn’t help watching to see what the attraction could possibly be.  On top of that, what mother would want that for her daughters?  One mother on that show clearly did, and the older daughter even became the role model for the younger.  I never found out what made that life so appealing, so I only watched it a short time.  But I digress….

House Bunny Poster 2008

Shelly, the out of work Playgirl, who starred in this show, brought a dumb blond innocence that was as unbelievable as it was fun to watch.  Like the star of Anne of Green Gables, she believed that everyone could and should be successful, wonderful, beautiful, and overcome all the obstacles that life threw in the way.  Every girl overcame their problems – even Shelly.  They conquered the bad preppy queen who was mean and underhanded, and charmed everyone.  Each girl ended that wanted to ended up with the guy of their dreams.

In reality it was almost the same story as Anne of Green Gables, except that Anne wore skirts down to her ankles, and the only skin you was were the backs of her hands and her face.

Anne of Green Gables

Like Shelly, Anne was an orphan who needed a place to stay.  She was so beautiful that everyone either hated her or loved her.  She was clever and even won her enemies to her side, converting them to friends.  Shelly only missed one bad girl, and if the movie had continued, I’m sure that girl would have been a Playgirl convert as well.  Anne of Green Gables was a series, so she had lots of opportunities to bring people around to her side.

Trixie Belden

I was as enchanted with these shows as I used to be with Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew solving mysteries.  The truth is that I would like to be so clever that I could take every obstacle thrown in my path and turn it into an opportunity.  I would love it if I could win everyone over to my way of thinking (which is YOU are a winner and so am I).  Of course they (male and female, young and old) would fall madly in love with me, but only because I helped them to be successful at whatever creative plans they had for their lives.  And obviously I’d be beautiful, charming, smart, witty….

Vicariously I achieved all these dreams for my life in just a few short hours of watching tv.  The next day I felt terribly depressed.  Somehow my reality did not measure up.  So will I binge watch next weekend?  No, I’ll read proposals for our spring conference for California Council for the Social Studies, and help with the layout for our 2014 program.

Majesty of the law

I might even finish reading Sandra Day O’Connor’s book, The Majesty of the Law:  Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice, so I can write a review about a true heroine next week.  I ran out of time this week – oops now you know why! 🙂  Hope you have a great week.

For a great review of a true heroine, Margarete Steiff, visit my friend Ute.

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  1. In the first half of this review, I was completely lost, har har, and still am. I have no idea what this show is. But of course, “Ann of Green Gables” was something I was rather familiar with.

    Whoa, V plays serious poker?? I did not know this. And runs tellies all day. Hum! We don’t have a telly thing. Well, there is one, but it’s in storage (Sir’s room). I hook up the laptop to record PBS though, with this little tuner object. I really am a technological blump-head.

    Anyhow, loved the heart of this post. Very inspirational, and melancholic at the same time. I remember similar feelings emerging in me after reading Doyle- how much I could relate to the energy and vim of the character, yet….when looking at the reality of my own life… Whale, I’d just love to be bounding through opium dens, disguised as a haggard elderly drug-addicted felon, and collaring criminals every fourth second by analyzing bike tread and cigar-ash- but whale, not quite the reality of me life. I do catapult across rooms and bugle “The game is afoot!” and vapourize through doors quite frequently, though, dragging Sir behind me.

    Then there’s Shakespeare (amongst other fantastic writers), who makes me weep at the incredible genius of the way he could use and manipulate words, language. How I would love to possess such mastery of language meself. Ha, and how inadequate I find myself feeling upon such reflection…

    Aye, indeed I can relate to that initial burst of inspiration, and then…the moldering dull feeling of dysthymia after marinating for a wee bit.

    P.S. Very interested in “The Majesty of Law” must go pilfer that one.

    Another P.S. I’m finally getting “Elephant Whisperer” in, ordered it. Will be sending a copy to my niece, along with a book about the lass who worked to bring wolves back to Yellowstone. Have you been to Yellowstone, by the way? I’ve always wanted to go. Ooooo yes.

    A final P.S. You really do measure up and far exceed, Marsha- you inspire me daily, your energy and your capability, your vitativeness and your vivaciousness- astounding. You have accomplished so much, and continue to astound me every day with all that you do. It is an honour to know you. I must say, the charm is certainly there- more mojo than Green Gables lass or Nancy Drew, I must say! I imagine you have changed more lives than you are aware of, strangers that are inspired by your passing smile, such energy. I suppose like that Buddha chap said, something about candle-flames- “One candle can light 100 candles without reducing its own brilliance” VERY loose quotation there, but that is how I see you. Constantly spreading a light from person to person, remaining ever-brilliant yourself.

    I am still corn-fused, this play-bunny lass, this is a reality show??!!


    Autumn Jade


    • I’m riding in a car right now, AJ, and I want to respond to your kind comments. I gave the wrong impression about V. He isn’t a couch potato, he forgets to turn it off! 😀
      Lots if love, M 😍


      • Har har, I could never think of him as a “couch potato”, I just thought he was the kind that likes the background sound. And now I think of him as a very swarthy poker-player with dark glasses and a black pinstripe fedora, playing hand after hand, winning pot after pot, and then stealthily gliding out of the joint as the others weep in his wake, pockets void. He snaps his fingers as he dissipates into the darkness beyond the door, and says in a gravely voice, “LATER fellas!” as they blubber into their shots of whiskey, heads bobbing in defeat, plumes of cigar smoke billowing all around the hazy table.


  2. Marsha, I agree, those bunnies are appalling. They are probably drawn to the glitz and the glamour. Young girls can be like that and it’s up to their parents to guide them through it. You have to hope that they will grow out of this silly phase.
    I never saw the Anne of Green Gables series, but I did read and like the first two Anne books. Anne was an orphan who was starved of love until she was adopted by Matthew and Marilla. She worked hard for what she got, good marks at school and a scholarship. She didn’t play on her good looks and in fact would have liked to swap with her friend Diana. Crikey, look at me, talking about Anne with an e as if she was a real person. The books are dated and I think that the only the first two were worth reading. Not sure what they did with the televised series, but I advise you to turn off that TV and forget all you have learned about how to turn it on. It’s not too late, Marsha 🙂
    PS. I’m looking at the photo of me and my boys on your site and loving it. Thanks so much for following.


    • Well I did have my moment, once I got through the fuzz issue. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon. I don’t want to leave you with the impression that Vince and I are couch potatoes. Absolutely not. I am a computer potato, and vince works out in the yard most of the time!

      I’m glad you are enjoying the view from my blog! I do follow some wonderful blogs! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  3. Every once in a while I tune in to Girls Next Door when I have nothing to do (rarely) just to get my taste of mindless entertainment. Those girls certainly don’t have real life problems, do they?


  4. It does truly baffle me that anyone would want their daughter to grow up to be a “Shelly.” I can’t imagine that any parent would set the bar that low for their child. Unfortunately, we live in a time when any attention – good or bad – is seen as a good thing.


    • I guess, but it doesn’t compute for me. Not only that, what young woman wants to SHARE an OLD man rather than having her own YOUNG love? For all that sharing she got some clothes, a little dog and a room of her own, hair appointments all the time, and all the make-up she could wear. What a great deal! 🙂





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