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Google Drive v Dropbox and Other Cloud Storage Solutions

So am I a technical guru like ShareChair?  Is that part of my branding?

Cloud Storage Solutions

My first technical post (#2 EVER) got no likes.  (That’s good English!)  I was so desperate for comments, In order to practice chatting, I kept the best of the spam, and responded to it.  I rejoiced when I bandied three times with a spammer!

In this upgraded post I’m going to condense the information, and republish because it was useful to me when I learned about these products.  I hope you enjoy it.  If not, just press like!  hahaha  Or you can go to my FB fan page and check out the good-looking cowboys riding around Bravo Lake and LIKE them at TC History Gal Productions!

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Not all technology eliminates frustration and irritation from my life (understatement of the century), but for the most part these two applications do.  Although I use Google Docs almost daily, I should be a Dropbox salesperson.  $0. X 100% commission =???

I could be a Dropbox salesperson.

Dropbox and Google both store documents on the web and have different benefits, but personally I prefer Dropbox for most uses because of the following reasons.

1)  Google has good products, but they do not have all the flexibility of either Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.  Dropbox uses whatever software you are using.

2)  I have had people complain that they couldn’t open a Google Doc.  Most people say they receive and can open up a document that I send them from Dropbox.

3)  You have to log in to use Google Docs, and that can take more time that I want to spend.  I’m not in the TWITCH generation, but I have become  accustomed to instant.  Dropbox gives me instant use offline.

4)  With Google I seem to end up with revisions in my “Google Drive” with the same name as the original documents.  It doesn’t take much to confuse me.

5)  Another problem I have with Google and other cloud-only applications I blame on my internet provider.  Rural America, where I live, is internet-challenged.  When you reach the service limit, the provider puts the brakes on the internet speed.  Slow speed means that Google Docs can’t keep up with 25 WPM plus error erasing typing speed, resulting in letters and even words left out of an original document.  The solution is to upload a document created offline when your internet quota is recharged.

6)   Individual Google Docs can exceed its megabyte limit if the document has several pictures.  Dropbox has a limit if you haven’t earned extra storage units or upgraded, but unless you reach that limit, individual documents save with no problem.

In spite of my love for Dropbox, there are some things that Google does better.

1)  Dropbox changes are not visible until you save and sync your document.  Your collaborator sees the old document, until they close, and reopen it ONLINE.  Google changes are instantaneous. You can have several people online all doing the editing and chatting at the same time.

2)  I had an another experience in which several of us were taking notes on an agenda created in a joint Dropbox folder.  My notes wrote over someone else’s notes, and his were gone, and all Dropbox had to say about it was “Marsha’s corrupted copy”  Both of us had a red face.  Mine was embarrassed, hers was not!

3)  I have nearly run out of space with Dropbox.  The free version is limited to 5 GB.  If you get your friends to use Dropbox you earn more space.  You can open another Dropbox account using a different email account, but you don’t have the same convenience as you do with your primary account that is downloaded to all your computers.  I have never run out of space with Google Docs.

Since I wrote this article I discovered that there are other cloud solutions like Dropbox.  All the ones I’ve checked out have a 5 gigabyte storage limit unless you upgrade.  This article compares the top 10 companies.

I hope this old article was helpful.  🙂  If not, I’ll change my brand tomorrow!  🙂

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  1. Hey, I am coming back and rereading this. lol
    You never expected me to say that did you?
    I do love Drop Box and use it constantly. All my blog songs are stored there.
    I am definitely not technical, so it can’t be very hard to use.


    • hahaha Go MEME! I didn’t expect it. In fact I thought of you as I was writing it, and just kept cutting out words! 🙂 (and adding other words – oh well! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a welcome comment!! 🙂


    • OOOOOh good idea. I’ll add it. I think different programs become popular on different continents. How do you store all the things you write? Do you store directly on your computer in documents, or do you have an external drive, like a thumb drive. Writing our blogs is actually a cloud storage device. Every article is saved, but is not taking up space in my computer. It’s in a “cloud”. In this case a huge storage service owned by WordPress. I have no idea how it works! Does that make more sense?

      If you go online to you can download the program that lets your documents all store on dropbox. Then anywhere you are, on any computer you just log into, and there are all your documents. And you can share them with other people that have downloaded dropbox. Google, I”m sure you’ve heard. Connected with my email account is a service called Google Drive which allows me to compose word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets.
      If you get a google email account, we can video chat at no cost, and compare documents at the same time. We can actually see and edit a document together while looking at each other face to face. It’s pretty amazing. It’s great for teachers to know. They have emails for kids that have some safeguards on them.
      Thanks for checking that box, Carol. I hope this all makes sense. 🙂


  2. I like your post. I use both Dropbox and Google Drive interchangeably. They each offer positives that the other can’t handle. When working on a project with someone, Google Drive will be my first instinct. However for storing my work, I love using Dropbox, because I have it installed on both the computer and the Nook. Your article was helpful and concise. A big round of applause!

    Have a great day!


  3. I pressed like because you like me…… 🙂 but I also don’t get it all. I have backups at home and also an external harddrive where I keep the things I really don’t want to lose. I do back up my blog regularly so in case somehting happens I can import it again. That is all I need I think. Who needs clouds…. we have too many so the sun doesn’t come through anyway. 🙂 🙂


    • hahaha Good answer, Ute! What a great picture of you! are you driving a convertible? And your hair is adorable!!! I do love the color! I think it shows up better short! 🙂 I can’t get my external hard drive to connect with this computer. I can read, but not write. If you are not doing collaborative work, it probably isn’t important. I was writing curriculum with different people, and emailing the drafts back and forth got really mixed up! Clouds work best for that kind of work. 🙂


      • Firstly thanks for your compliment! I love my hair too, nice and easy, and yes I did drive a convertible, it is not mine though, but it was a beautiful drive in the sunshine! It was a powerful car too!
        As you say I think for my purpose my external hard drive is quite sufficient. My son has it all under control here in the house with his server and network. Once he leaves home I will be stuck and just have an easy system, as I don’t understand his. A standalone computer with internet, all I need!
        I am glad the sun is coming a bit it makes such a difference.
        Wishing you a lovely day Marsha! Big hug! xx


        • Big hug to you, too Ute. I used to have a Pontiac Sunbird convertible. The first time I drove it any distance, I drove to my night class in Fresno. When I got there everyone laughed at me, and said, “You must have come in a convertible!” A little insulted I asked why, and they informed me that my hair was sticking up in all directions – straight out from my head. I was late to class, or I would have stopped at the restroom to check things out! 🙂 hahaha


    • I have, and it took a long time to load them, but now I know how to make my photos smaller for the web, so that would improve the loading time. That, too, has a limit, but it’s pretty high!


  4. Nice write up. The fact that google drive has direct integration with google docs is a plus.
    But google drive can be used for online storage of anything you like.
    Most of what I use the various services for is transferring music between computers, and for that, I actually prefer google drive and amazon cloud.


    • I have started using Amazon Cloud as well. The files that wouldn’t fit on Dropbox I transferred because I can see both of them at the same time in my finder. I still need to organize my computer files!


  5. I don’t have clue what this is … but I suppose it’s a cloud that where we can store our files and folders. It makes sense, because computers can crash … never done it. Maybe I should look into it. Thanks for the advice.


  6. Good for you! This stuff is so confusing. I have not used Dropbox much, and I have a LOT to learn. But now I know where to go for advice! 🙂


  7. I’ve never used Dropbox. I’m a google girl. I have backed up my entire computer on google drive. Google docs has it’s downsides (no colums in a word doc) but the drive is great.


  8. I think one reason why I find technology so confusing at this point is because I don’t want to do the comparison shopping myself. I just want to describe to someone how I work, and let them tell me what I need. That way, I can use all my brain power for my specialty, writing. Am I being cranky? Thanks for your review!


    • hahaha I know exactly what you mean. Our technology gurus at work gave all of us a lecture at each meeting about a new technology that we should start using in our demonstrations with teachers so they would have a model of how to use them in classrooms. Otherwise I would never have known these. Now I use them all the time.


  9. I haven’t used any cloud storage solutions since I quit working, but when I was working one of the departments I worked for used Google Docs. I didn’t like it. I was in charge of coordinating a very large conference & I found it very clunky to work with. I was not able to load spreadsheets created offline into Google Docs & Google Docs did not have enough flexibility to allow me to create the types of spreadsheets I needed. I found it very frustrating.


    • I have to say that I have had the same experiences. The more I work with them, the better I get, but I still struggle with new aspects of the programs, and I learn new things every time I use them. I still get clunked up, though! Read my early WP experiences with SPAM! 🙂 I got shut down by WP because I had spammed myself unknowingly! I cried for quite a while when that happened! 🙂


  10. I understand the concept of the cloud, but I’ve never looked into either of these. Because I have two domains, I generally send my works in progress, important documents, or special pictures to my host provider for storage. I also have a backup drive and lots of jump drives. I can see why you would want to use cloud storage for collaboration.


    • So you are talking about your website domains? I use both of these a lot less than I did before I had a website. 🙂 I actually have started several other websites, but I don’t do much with them.





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