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Book Reviews: Susan Hunter Mysteries

I love a good mystery, and these Eastern/Midwestern setting, Susan Hunter mysteries are all fun and “easy breezy” reading.  I’m writing one post about several of these books for several reasons.  First and most obvious is that they are all mysteries.  Secondly, they do not fit the profile of being literature that I would recommend for English teachers aligning with the Common Core standards which support reading primarily non-fiction materials.  Third, I do feel that they are worth reviewing because they are fun to read.  I was going to also include Bill Noel’s Folly Beach Mysteries in this post, but I can tell by reading to the bottom of what I’ve already written so far that I will lose Meme if I do that.  I’m already waxing wordy.

Book #1  Buy it now for $0.00

Book #1 Buy it now for $0.00

Maddie Cochere is a blogging friend whose website and gravitar introduce you to her adorably lovable protagonist, Susan Hunter.  If Legally Blond had not already been written and produced, I think Maddie could have written the script, and made it even better than it already is.  While Susan is blond, we readers don’t know whether she’s legal or not, but the assumption is that she is striking both on and off the racketball racquetball court.  By the way, for those non-players like me, who have trouble spelling, what’s with the cqu, for heaven’s sake?  What’s wrong with “racket” being spelled “racket.”

What makes tight-muscled Susan Hunter bearable, since all she does is shop for name brand clothes without having a name brand type job, eat fattening foods, play racquetball better than any man, seldom cries when she gets hurt, attracts every man in a town the size of New York City, and doesn’t have sex with her boyfriend in the first two books, is that she is unbelievably clumsy.  She falls in the mud, dives into the ocean and one breast pops out, has a pitcher of beer spilled down the front of her name brand blouse without getting mad, and gets her tennis shoe (with her foot in it) caught in the mouth of a shark.  Autty, you’d like that!  Those are just a few of her escapades.  Oh yes, and she helps catch bad guys, too.

When I was a pre-teen I read Trixie Beldon and Penny and Pam mysteries.  Penny and Pam had lots of fun with boys AND they were smart, and they single-handedly convinced me that I should be a journalist if I wanted to have fun and lots of boyfriends.  I took 4 years of journalism because of the twins.  OK, I was legally blond.  If I were 13 instead of 61, you can bet I’d be begging my mom to buy me a raCQUetball racquet, and cute outfits in which to attract guys play.  I would try not to cry when I got hit with a ball going 100 mph, but I’m not sure that even Susan could convince me that didn’t hurt.

The moral is, Marsha, move away from the shopping center, stay out of the gym.  Don’t even think about buying a racquetball racquet.  Don’t try eating more mac and cheese shrimp dishes than the 300 pound man at the bar.  And remember, Mick loves Susan, so don’t moan over him another minute.  You have a perfectly wonderful husband, and really, you don’t look 25 going on 16.

So if you’re ok with all those kinds of goings on – even if you are 61, and you want to know how people younger than that think about romance these days, give Susan Hunter mysteries a go.  I bought four of Maddie’s books for my Kindle, and I’ve breezed through the first two of them.  They are as promised, “easy, breezy.”  If you want to buy something for your grandchildren that isn’t filled with bad language and graphic sex scenes.  then I would recommend Maddie’s Susan Hunter series.  I only wish I’d written them.  Easy, breezy.

By the way the first book is free right now on Kindle if you go to the Amazon site.  You can’t beat that!

One more by the way, then I’m going to have to publish this and get to a retirement dinner for a friend, I looked for a picture of Maddie online under images.  This one was there, and since you all know that I love this picture, I’m going to post it.  Click like on my FB page if you know who this really is.  Maddie, I’d love to post your real picture, but …  can you beat this one??


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  1. Marsha, thank you so much for this wonderful review! I love your description of events from my books and laughed out loud while reading. The icing on the cake is my favorite Dianne Gray picture! You made my day, and I’m so tickled you enjoyed my brand of silliness. Thank you again! 🙂


  2. Well there you go…that lady is multi-talented. I’m looking forward to reading Sunshine Hunter. The racquet/racket thing depends on where you were born. We speak and write the Queen’s English here!


    • That is true, Carol, but I looked it up on google since my spelling was redlined by WP, and it came up cqu! Go figure. The President’s English isn’t good enough here if you’re into racquetball! 🙂


      • Ha ha! Well, tennis was invented in England in the time of Henry 8th and I am assuming that racquetball is the offspring of tennis so the spelling probably comes from there. I’m guessing this, so don’t take my word for it! Poor Mr President, his English will do unless you’re playing a game with a racquet and a ball!


  3. I see you have enveloped SmilingToad into the wonderfully whimsical and klutzy world of Susan Hunter. She gives her heartfelt thanks. I have not heard of Susan Hunter nor has SmilingToad. She is eager to partake of this new literary adventure series. She has read Raymond Chandler-type gritty series of female detective genre over the years. I might even take a look at this. I am certainly klutzy at times. I nearly fell into a creek foot stuck on a silly little vine but my daughter grabbed me and I was saved! Truth is stranger than fiction.


    • It’s amazing that any one of us is still able to walk at all. ST and I have shared more laughs about how we’ve fallen, or spilled, or in general not been “cool” that I can’t even count them all now. And now you, too! hahaha We need to start a klutzy club! 🙂


      • Thanks for the charming comment. ST asked if we should get motorcycles and “toad” leather jackets (imitation, of course) for our new club! We can go to biker bars and spill our O’ Doul’s and cranberry srpitzers on the unsuspecting fellow bikers, lean back and fall off our stools, block the aisle when they try to get by and bump over their rides. We’ll be the most notorious “biker” gang ever! Our motto will be “opsiedaisys”


        • haha. Poor Vincie, he just shakes his head when he comes in from working hard outside, and I’m sitting in my desk laughing myself off the chair over a comment by you or ST. That one was an out loud laugh. We’re a tough lot! 🙂


          • We both crafted that little gem. We just got back from briny adventures. I am severely nervous so I have to have a lifejacket, boogy board and flippers snorkel and mask. Water wings might be even better. I have a phobia about putting flippers on in the water so I put them on on shore and try to walk into the water. ST warned me not to do this, I ignored her. In huge gapy steps I walked to the tidal pool with onlookers staring. ST warned me again, then I fell onto the rocks in the water, fell right down. I terrorized unsuspecting crabbies and snails as I crashed down on their homes. I just didn’t listen and joined the Klutzy Club.


          • You are a welcome member! I’m so sorry you had to join, though. I try to stay out of the club, but I’m a lifetime member. 🙂 I have short feet! That’s my excuse! 🙂


  4. Maddie is a lot of fun on her blog.
    I’ve read two so far and enjoyed them enough to be looking to get the rest when I ‘m done with what I’m reading now.

    Who knows, I may even give her the Literary Limerick treatment!


        • oooooooo, There are lots of blogs. You’re obviously going to have to consider this because you may get inundated with requests. Not to talk you out of doing a limerick for me, but I was teasing! I do that, Guap, you know! I have to say it’s a lot easier to write a blog than a book – in my humble opinion! 🙂


  5. I absolutely loved the Susan Hunter books, Marsha. What a great review!

    I think I can guess who is in that picture! Was it really under Maddie’s name online??? 😀 LOL





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