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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I enjoy the WordPress challenges.  This one, UP, was particularly fun.  Up is ubiquitous. As I looked up my photos, “up” took on one meaning after another.  Some of my up connections may be stretching it a bit, but I’ve heard them all used – or used them myself.  Yesterday I wanted to finish up showing my favorite quilt show  pictures using different challenges, but then I wondered….

Are you fed up with quilts, or are you still upbeat about looking at the Best of the Valley Quilts?

This quilt is up on the wall, but the squirrel is up, too.

This quilt is up on the wall, but the squirrel is up, too.  Vince would never let a squirrel up on our furniture.  I’m not up to telling you what he does when he sneaks up on a squirrel.

But things keep happening in my life, and I can’t keep up with the many things I want to share with you.  I wanted to put up a few pictures from my first ever photography class.  We went up into the foothills to a TCOE property called Circle J Ranch near Springville, CA on Yokohl Valley Road.  The class was learning to take wildflowers, but  it seems that when we hold a camera up to our eyes, anything that moves captures our attention.  Never barking up the wrong tree, this photogenic squirrel filled up on acorns.  As for me, I am now up on the latest in using ISOs, F-stops, and can now manually focus my camera.  Yeah!  Yippee!  Giddyup!

This little guy distracted me at my wildflower photo class today!

This little guy messed me up and distracted me at my wildflower photo class today!

Someone had to give me a leg up today.  What’s up with that?

I gave my brother a leg up.

I gave my brother a leg up.  I guess Dad didn’t know how to blur the background.  Who skates in the living room?  At least we had our boots laced up correctly.

I was so focused on the work of upping my use of F-stops, that I didn’t realize my pants were soaking up moisture from the ground until all of the sudden I felt wet!   Having already gotten my knees wet from the grass, I little suspected that I had sat in a fresh cow pie.  I got up when I was done, only to realize that the gig was up, and no one there was going to look up to me and think I was cool, or smart or anything but messed up.  It looked like I …  well, you know!  I wore my jacket the rest of the day around my waist as a cover-up.

Hahaha  10 points for getting an old gal!  Add 'em up.  I'm ahead.

Hahaha 10 points for getting an old gal! Add ’em up. I’m ahead.

These guys were probably off in the background chatting up a storm and having a good laugh at my expense.  I give up.  I’ll never be cool.  I had to clean up when I got home.  Did you know that Oxy-clean does NOT clean up all stains?

Imagine cleaning up Benjamin Powell's , one of the 88 original buildings in Colonial Williamsburg.

Imagine cleaning up Benjamin Powell’s , one of the 88 original buildings in Colonial Williamsburg.

Changing up the conversation, but keeping up with the theme, a few years ago I went with a group of teachers from the Central Valley to a teachers’ institute in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.   In Colonial Williamsburg we learned a lot about how folks cleaned up around the house in the 17th and 18th centuries, about the time my family arrived here from England.

Bunny instructed us how to fold up the napkins just so.

Bunny instructed us how to fold up the napkins just so.

After cleaning, we had to set up for dinner.  Education for women in the 18th century included: measurement, time-management, keeping up the books, preserving and storing up food for winter months by pickling, smoking and drying as well as using up a lot of salt. They also had to be up on politics because they hosted political meetings in their homes.

Heads up girls.  You could have been tarred and feathered for what you did!

Heads up girls. You could have been tarred and feathered for what you did!

Some of us stocked up on trouble.  Jami Beck and I fessed up, and look where it got us.  I give up!  Jami has really shaped up.

Hands up for Jami Beck!

Hands up for Jami Beck!

She was honored Thursday, April 18th as the SJVCSS Elementary Teacher of the Year!  Give it up for Jami everyone!!

Do you have any hang-up about tobacco use?  It all started here.

Do you have any hang-ups about tobacco use? In the Colonies it all started here.

Back in Williamsburg some of the socially upward-moving folks in those days, called “middling sorts,” were tobacco farmers.  They hung up the tobacco leaves to dry in the barn.

"Hi, I'm Clementina.  Come on up."

“Hi, I’m Clementina. Come on up.”

Others, like Clementina Rind, were publishers.  She had to go up stairs just to get inside the front door.  That’s really me, but we all were assigned to be a certain person for a week, and I was Clementina, and this was her house.

Re-enactors showed up everywhere to draw us into the 18th century daily life.

Here’s Jami again listening up, soaking up the experience to take back to her students.

We spent much of our week in taverns.  That’s where everyone congregated and visit and eat in those days.  They are still good places to go and bulk up.  Re-enactors dressed up in colonial clothing showed up everywhere to draw us into the 18th century daily life.  This tavern owner, is telling us what George Washington liked at her tavern.

"Look up.  Hold still.  I don't want to cut up your face," said the early 20th century barber.

“Look up. Hold still. I don’t want to cut up your face,” said the early 20th century barber.

Let’s jump forward two centuries.  Former slaves, led by Col. Allen Allensworth, who fought in the Civil War, established the one freedom colony in California. It is located in the southern end of Tulare County.  He rounded up other retired African-American military men, known as Buffalo Soldiers to settle his town, founded in 1908.  Interpreter Steve Ptomey lifted up spirits with his razor-sharp demonstration of a trip to the Barbershop.  In Allensworth some of the kids cleaned up really well.  Just so you don’t suspect Steve of child abuse – he wasn’t using a real razor!

Yum.  Does this make you want to throw up?  I hope not.

Yum. Does this make you want to throw up? I hope not.

Moving back up to the 21st century to the small upscale town Exeter, folks are considering what to cook up for dinner.  Hanging up in the meat locker might be one of those cows that got up the nerve to laugh at me!

This cart is busted up.

This cart is busted up.

In nearby Woodlake someone took borrowed a cart from the grocery story, and left it broken up, littering up our beautiful lake.  Do people do that in your area?  That steams me up.

What's he digging?  Give up?  He's a cable guy.

What’s he digging? Give up? He’s a cable guy.

I’d like to hurry up and get this published.   I have many more pictures to share, but I’m going to limit myself to two or three that I dug up from my collection.

What's the scoop here?

What’s the scoop here?

That’s all I could scoop up in a couple of days of preparing this post. (lie – I have tons more)

No good trying to row upstream on this creek.

No good trying to row upstream on this creek.

I’m almost all dried up.

Puppy Girl either curls up between us or throws herself against us.  She's in love.

Puppy Girl either curls up between us or throws herself against us. She’s in love.

I’ll leave you with this thought.  Cuddle up with someone you love and read a good post or book, or watch a movie.  Life is looking up!

For more ups worldwide check out WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge:  Up.

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      • I’m up but disappointed in word press. I’ve not had but three emails on my blog all weekend. Had 20 something visit on both Saturaday and Sunday plus some on Friday. I’ve had a lot of notifications but no emails. I’m only able to respond through my notifications


        • I’m not sure I understand all that, but I’ll be by tomorrow. I’ve got to get off my chair now, or my body will think it’s part of me! Take care, and hope you are enjoying the nice weather. Ours is glorious! 🙂


  1. Marsha, you had a lot of fun with this one! What’s UP with that? LOL
    Thanks for sharing your images and your perspective on UP. Now I need to give UP this procrastination and finally get to work on the UPcoming edition of the newspaper I write for. I’ve been stalling for a long time – UP to five days. 😛


    • haha Funny thing everyone avoided being up close and personal. I didn’t dare sit up at the table when lunchtime came up. NO NO. I sat on the ground so I wouldn’t mess up the chair! It was an uphill battle to keep going after that! 🙂


  2. Love the story about you taking photos, it is so good to hear of someone that engrossed in taking photos. I am similar, I don’t notice how hot or cold it is, until I stop taking them.
    I love the up up up post.


  3. I read this when you first posted it, Marsha, but I’ve been on the run. This was such a creative interpretation of the challenge. Love the pictures! I’m UP late tonight, so I intend to catch UP with you. 🙂
    Puppy Girl – so comfy!!


    • Awww Maddie, you are such a dear!!! I was going to read blogs tonight, but my body is telling me otherwise. Thanks for reading and commenting. I love the conversation! 🙂 I’ll be by your blog tomorrow morning! 🙂 Have a nice night! 🙂


  4. I never tire of quilts. My wise old grandmother used to make them for the church bazaar, school fundraisers, etc. She made one for each of her children and grandchildren. Sadly, when my brother and I were having so much trouble, eventually causing estrangement, the last thing he did was steal my quilt. I’ve tried to replace it with store-bought quilts, but they last a couple of years and fall apart. The quilts at the San Diego Quilt Show each year in January are probably made much better but they also cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, way out of my price range.


    • Awww Russel Ray. If you weren’t so close in age to me, I’d will my great-grandmother’s quilts to you. I don’t think J. will want them or care one way or another. Could you lose a few years? 🙂 Wouldn’t it be nice if we could shed years like we shed pounds by dieting? How many people would take advantage of it, I wonder?





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