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Where to Find Color for a Photo Challenge Like an Expert

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Woodlake Botanical Gardens

At the Kiwanis Hunger Run, we assembled at the Woodlake Botanical Gardens, which is a well-hidden treasure right on the main street skirting Woodlake.  I wanted to go back and take pictures of the gorgeous roses before it got too hot for them to be beautiful anymore.

Botanical Gardens

I’ll start with the over-all color palate, and narrow it down to individual colors.

Keep in mind this the Main Street in Woodlake.

Keep in mind this the Main Street in Woodlake.

As I entered from the side street, I felt like Dorothy following the Yellow Brick Road.  Sadly I left my red shoes at home.

To have a yellow brick road, one must start with a brick yellow rose.

To have a yellow brick road, one must start with a brick yellow rose.

Keep in mind your job here.  Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to find the perfect colored rose, indeed the perfect rose.  If you don’t think yellow is perfect, let’s move on.

Can you guess the name of this beauty?

Can you guess the name of this beauty?

This one is a little deceiving for the princess who thinks she is going to get just a pink or salmon colored rose.

Want to be my buddy?

Want to be my buddy?

But let’s assume that the perfect rose is pink and only pink.

Somebody’s honey bee

To some ROSES are RED, and only red roses mean anything.  Is that you?

This ain't no violet!

Okay, maybe red isn’t your thing.  Do you prefer more of a mix?

Salmon/yellow/red/orange take your pick.

Salmon/yellow/red/orange take your pick.

Or maybe you like more of a blend of pink, rather than yellow/pink, maybe pink/yellow?

Could this be the perfect rose?

Could this be the perfect rose?

Maybe you can’t decide between red and yellow.  This next choice might be what you would choose as the perfect rose.

Am I blushing?

Am I blushing?

Of course, if you can’t decide on one color, you can always combine them all and get white.

I feel dazzling. How do I look?

I feel dazzling. How do I look?

Maybe you should just site for a bit and ponder.  Picking perfect is exhausting.  Oh, you can’t find the bench? It’s right there with the pink roses.  See it?  Don’t worry; these roses don’t scratch.  They’re perfect!  🙂

Have you made your decision yet?

Have you made your decision yet?

Portland, City of Roses, eat your heart out!  🙂  And may the best rose win.  🙂  Tomorrow I take my FIRST photography class, and Saturday, an all day photo shot – “Wildflowers.”  I can’t wait!  🙂

Where is your favorite garden?

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  1. Double Wow! These are beautiful. What a great lens. My favorite was the salmon/yellow/red/orange rose … but then you gave me a pink rose with a little yellow! What could be more perfect than that (other than the red rose). Sigh. So pretty. It must have smelled wonderful, too.


    • You know, Maddie, the smell wasn’t overwhelming – even to the point of remembering what they smelled like. Maybe the breeze was too strong. There’s not much moisture in the air, and the smell isn’t as powerful as I remember it being as I was growing up in Indiana. My grandmother had a trellis of bright red roses against her white siding. They were so beautiful, and smelled romantic!

      I was on a mission here, so who knows why I didn’t smell. Too bad. 🙂


  2. I love roses. They remind me of my father who grew them wherever we lived. Standards, Hybrid teas, you name it, he grew them. I had a go myself later in life but they suffered from black spot. I don’t think it is the colour that is critical but the fragrance. Walking in a rose garden and breathing in the perfume is wonderful. But if I have to pick a winner, I vote for your blushing rose. Gorgeous!


    • Thanks Andrew. I was just telling Maddie that I didn’t even notice the smell, and there were thousands of them. You would have thought that it would have been so pungent that I couldn’t even walk around. If the challenge of smell ever comes up, and I use these photos, you’ll know I’m lying! 🙂 Rats, now I can’t use them. I can’t lie to you. 🙂


  3. Great job!! I am anxious to hear all about your Photo class. I hope this brings lots of people to Bravo Botanical Gardens. It is a real Tulare County Treasure.


    • It truly is a treasure, Sally. If there’s no room on the path next time I go, we can blame my blog, right? They’ll be coming from all over the world, congregating around Bravo Lake! hahaha Watch out Sally. BTW EVERYONE readin this comment. Be sure to vote for Sally everyday this month. Vote for Sally P., Outstanding Senior Volunteer She’s awesome! 🙂


  4. Absolute stunning photos … and the colors – it’s nearly so I can smell every rose through my screen. Love this post with all it’s summer … in.


  5. Gosh, I think you did rather well…colour? You made nice pictures and chose angles that gave you nice colour. My fav is the very first image in your series. That made me think about what was about to happen visually. Good work.


  6. Beautiful roses, Marsha. I’ll go for red, if I have to choose, but a mixed bunch is also very welcome. Enjoy your photography lessons, and the Wildflower shoot. Happy weekend to you. 🙂


    • I had a great time. I only had two problems. I sat in a cow pile covered with wildflowers, and it happened to be wet. I did that right off the bat. Then later in the morning I took my camera off the tripod and dropped it. I had just bought a new lens for it. I was so lucky. The dirt was soft, and noting was damaged! Amazing. But I had a great day, and learned a lot. 🙂 Happy weekend to you Sylvia. May you be blessed by sitting in safe, clean places! 🙂 🙂


      • I am still laughing about the cow pie. I am catching up on your blog using the wifi on the train. What fun!!

        You are an amazing lady. See you when we get home.


        Sent from my iPhone


        • Have fun! I’m totally jealous – a train adventure with your sweetie! In SF!!! See you Sat.! I’ll be anxious to hear all about it! Watch where you sit!!!


      • Blast that is so ME! p.s. LOVED this, gorgeous, phenomenal photos. I could not stop laughing when I suddenly came upon Buddy, Someone Else’s Honey and Blushing- esp. buddy. I’m STILL laughing. Well done, perfect entry!!


  7. I retired in 1993. I was 38 and had just moved to San Diego. I sold everything back in Texas, everything that I had spent my whole life working towards, collecting — real estate, cars, motorcycles, music……………. Gave it all up. But after 10 months of doing nothing but soaking up the sun on the beaches of San Diego, I was bored. That was in February 1994, and I was the only one on the beach that day when it suddenly hit me: People need to be with other people. I put myself back in the work force and will probably work until the day I die.


    • You have the perfect job to do that, Russel Ray. And the perfect personality! I’m sure I will be doing something all my life. Whether or not I make money at it isn’t necessarily the main issue. That being said, I don’t MIND making some money at what I do either. 🙂 Working is one of God’s commands that people tend to overlook (maybe me included!) Genesis doesn’t say God worked hard in order to have more time to rest, it says God worked 6 days and on the 7th he rested. I think that means that we need to work more than we rest instead of the other way around. Does that mean I should give up retirement and vacations and go back to working? I don’t think so. Some where in Ecclesiastes it says something about working until age 50. But look at Moses. So I think we must work until we are not good at our job any more, or feel like we want to do another job. The worst thing I have seen is teachers who stay past their passion for teaching in the classroom and the kids don’t get a good education. That gripes me. Rant, rant! 🙂 Thanks for your comment, RR 🙂 You really camped out this time! 🙂 I’ve missed you. 🙂





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