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Monday in the Life of a Frustrated Retiree

I didn’t think that retirees hated Mondays, and maybe Monday is not the cause of my frustration, but it is Monday, and I am frustrated, so there must be a connection.  Right?

This is how it started.  I haven’t been visiting very many blogs recently because I’ve been busy.  I’ve been busy, maybe because it takes me so long to do the things I want to do, and maybe just because I want to do so many things.  Yesterday I read Russel Ray’s blog, and I left him a comment, which I often do.  He answered me, and somehow mentioned that he read 150 BLOGS A DAY.  I was overcome, because I barely get through 3-4, on a good day.  So he wrote me back with tips.  Here were his tips to me.

  1. Don’t leave comment SPAM.  ie “Your picture is beautiful.”  Just press like.  That sounds reasonable.  I could write fewer mundane comments, but I do like the sound of my own fingers typing.
  2. Learn to read faster.  Take a course from EyeQ.  So I went online and researched it, and quit visiting blogs – another reason I get through so few a day.  I took the little sample lesson and went from 705 to 769 words per minute.  I decided that for $99 that maybe fast reading wasn’t my worst problem.  However, this morning I received a nice call from Chuck at EyeQ suggesting that for only $75 I could buy the training, and I might read as fast as 2,000 wpm.  Well that sounded appealing, so I ordered it, and took the first of 12 sessions.  I started at 834 and went down to 669 after one session.  So that was interesting.  I spent a little more time playing around with it, and tried one exercise that just wouldn’t stop, so I figured that I hadn’t comprehended the instructions.  I tried to get out of it, and couldn’t, so I xed out of it, and decided I’d had enough reading for a day.                                      
  4. Use Dragon Naturally and dictate and not type.  Well I’m a pretty fast typist, probably around 80 wpm, but I have interviewed some folks, and transcribing is another matter.  You listen, then you type what you think you heard, then you listen some more, and lose your place, and IT TAKES FOREVER.  So I read and reread the  different options of Dragon Naturally Speaking I could get that would be best for me, and finally found the comparison grid, and ordered.  After it was all loaded, I prepared to set up my profile so I could start, and I was going to record my post for today.  Only I couldn’t set my profile because my remote microphone wasn’t connected.  I pressed the more info… button at the top of the screen that won’t go away, and it took me to iTunes, and I quickly installed the free application for my iPhone.  When I tested it, it worked.  YEAH!  Then I tried to set up my profile again, getting the same message.  Going back to iTunes, I tried uploading another application that looked like it might work with my computer, but when I tried to upload that one, it prompted me to sign in to Apple.  My password wouldn’t work.  I checked my list of passwords, and I was using the correct password, so I gave up on that one, too.                              
  6. Open 10 tabs at the same time and read one while the other ones are loading.   That sounded sensible, so I tried it.  I got about 4 open, and I think that helped, but I never did get 10 open because I still was in the habit of waiting for my computer and by the time I realized I was waiting, there were too many choices.  I also had my reader open, and it had to reload every time until I figured out that I had to at least wait for it to load the site, then I had to click on the site before I could go back and reload another.  Russel has the 2,000 sites that he follows on a spreadsheet.  He just goes in order.  He even has some of them marked in green – like me!!!  I’m special!  I figured that would take me too long to create a spreadsheet – even though I’ve got one started, it only has a fraction of the 500 sites I say I’m following.  By this time I’ve spent a good two hours looking at my 3-4 websites, well maybe I got up to 9-10 because I clicked quite a few likes on photographs.  But Rarasaur had a character survey on her site, so I had to take that, and I found out that my worst character quality is persistence.  Actually, I think I’m quite persistent, but I just don’t get anywhere after persisting for hours, and then I give up!

At that point I was ready to visit the outdoors and take a walk, but by that time my husband, who was busy reading the news online while I was trying my new-found blogging techniques, had discovered that across the dry stream from us there had been a home invasion and a shooting last night, and someone was killed in the process.  Around here many most NO people NOW keep their homes unlocked.  Anyway, I thought twice about going for a walk after that, and decided to divide and transplant strawberries instead, which I did.  I was going to post a funny post about that experience using my Dragon Naturally, and this is what has happened.  I typed all this, and all you get about strawberries is a look because I’ve already used up 938 words.

On the positive side.  Chuck emailed me about my lousy eyeQ and encouraged me not to give up.  The neighbor called to ask if the police had been here yet, and they haven’t, but because we talked, I remembered that I had heard something last night, and tried to get Vince to get up, but he wasn’t too concerned, so I forgot about it.  Turned out she heard the same things.  Very loud cat screams.  I even thought at the time that it almost sounded like a human, but cats do, sometimes sound that way, and it sounded way more like cats than humans.  Whoever hears humans screaming out in the middle of nowhere anyway???

Since that’s the most positive I can get now, I can’t wait for Tuesday.  I think I’ll go for a walk, and see if I can’t chase the police down.

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  1. I retired when I was 38 and had moved to San Diego. After 11 months of retirement, I was bored out of my wits. In fact, my wits were so bored that they left before I could get bored out of them. I put myself back into the work force and moved on. After that 11-month experiment, I’m pretty sure I’ll work until I am no longer physically or mentally capable of working. Of course, some of my friends say that I’m already not mentally capable of working……….lol


    • hahaha How in the world could you retire at age 38. Of course you read 120 blogs a day, too, so you’re not in my league. However, I don’t get bored too easily. I am always busy learning or doing something. It is REALLY hard to get bored! 🙂


      • I worked 12-18 hour days for much of my life. I’m still a workaholic, but I call what I am now a “controlled workaholic” in that I take regular and consistent breaks.


        • Like from 1978-2009? hahaha That’s my kind of break. I think Vince is a controlled workaholic. I don’t think I have that problem at all any more. But my “work” never feels like work. I can’t call what I do most of the time work because I’m having too much fun, and learning so much! 🙂 Wait till Saturday night. You’ll be amazed! 🙂 (I’m hoping!:)


  2. I’m also really battling to keep up, because, I don’t just speed read people’s post. Like you, I get more involved, and have to sit and ponder for a while, and sometimes chat back and forth like you and i sometimes do. I’m with ‘mixedupmeme’, I’d rather have 5 comments than 500 likes, because at least i know people have actually opened and may even have read my post. I’m suspicious of people who can do a dozen likes in as many seconds, and sometimes like my post almost before I’ve finished posting it. 😀


    • I’ve had that happen! I usually readi it over. publish, cancel and make the corrections the editor catches – or not, publish it again, view it, and find something really obvious that I missed! So I edit that, and before I get that done, someone has liked it. It can happen. Because obviously I had read it in that amount of time, but it seems so unlikely, but since people are on this all over the world, they are operating on their own real times. So it can definitely happen. Your posts are so wonderful to read, though that I always spend time on them, both reading, and thinking, and figuring out which pictures to copy!!! JK – sort of. I did love the belly dancer picture of you, and it certainly fit in my story. If I’d taken a picture of the girl we saw, I’m not sure if the WP police wouldn’t have shut me down! hahaha! 🙂


  3. I learned the hard way by following and commenting on too many blogs which became a chore. So I have cut back on the number of blogs I follow and they are mainly regular visitors and friends who I like to follow. I have 6 blogs on New posts and only visit anyone who likes or comments now and it seems to work for me at the moment. At least my Inbox is more fun now 😀
    But 150 visits a day ?? No way !!
    Good luck on finding what is best for you MVBF Marsha xox 😀


    • hi My Favorite Ralph,

      Your inbox is always fun! I’m just glad I made it to the inbox! I think you’ll like this dictation software! I finally got it to work! It was so simple, I just haven’t checked the right drop-down menu item. Go figure! I would say it types at least 100 words a minute. I can’t think of hundred words a minute. So there you go!

      The problem is that when Vince is inside, I can’t use it because it records what I say to him, too. And that’s goofy! Most of the time during the day he’s gone, so it will save me some time when I do posts! 🙂

      I’m not actually aiming for 150 blogs a day. I think you know that! You are, after all, MFR! 🙂 xox


      • On your recommendation I have just bought the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 12 version for $74 but the shipping to Spain is $42 ( I hope the box has a first class seat with champagne and lobsters on it’s Fed Ex flight to me 😉 ) See how it goes when it eventually arrives drunk and full of lobsters 😉


        • Wow, on MY recommendation! Wow I am SO powerful. Now it better work! My Dragon came through the internet, thoroughly sober, but I was the one who must have been so drunk I couldn’t think to switch the option from remote microphone to use internal microphone. My head must have been full of lobsters – oh wait, that’s gangsters! LOL 🙂


        • So who are the gangsters? How many gangsters will be in your inbox? Do I need to be afraid? Are they going to be in my comment box? This could be interesting! I did this comment by Dragon naturally. The only thing different is I can’t talk to myself or Dragon will write it! So I have to think carefully about what I say!

          You say, “You should do that anyway, Marsha!”

          Yes, Ralph,I hear you whispering these things in my ear! Ha ha ha ha

          And, I still have to edit. Dragon makes its own mistakes!


      • Hopefully no gangsters in my Inbox MVBFM. You said “My head must have been full of lobsters – oh wait, that’s gangsters! LOL” No. None here 😀
        You mean Dragon doesn’t think for you and makes mistakes ? I am now getting worried in how my posts and comments will eventually turn out 😉


        • You will cast out all the dragons that breath fire unnaturally! Your posts will still be the Ralph everyone knows and loves. 🙂 I’m not a bit worried except that I don’t see all the things that I write when I press view all comments. So I’ve got gangsters and lobsters strewn dead and alive all over the place between here and Spain and back again! hahaha 🙂


  4. I think you mustn’t let blogging become an addiction. There is life outside the computer too. You need a balance between your time blogging, reading and posting. I totally love blogging, but don’t manage too many a day too , as I am also working a full time job. I leave messages when I want to say something or when I am really impressed with a post. Too long blogs I am not keen on, I rather have shorter ones and nice pictures….. 🙂 As you say you do make friends here and I love that too, and you want to keep connected to them, still if you do not have time they will understand that too, as do the real life friends. Blogging is like a hobby but it should not run your life. I enjoy it so much and it helps me , makes me happy, educates me, and teaches me lots of things. So Happy blogging! Ute x


    • I Ute!

      You are always happy! And I’m sure you have a lot of hobbies. And you work! I do love the relationships that I’ve made blogging. You’re one of them! But you’re right, and they shouldn’t take over our lives. I lightened my load quite a bit over the last three months. It’s manageable. I was just amazed when Russell Ray told me he could read 150 blog today! It made a great story! And I’m using the dictation software as I reply. I think it might be faster than typing. It doesn’t make as many mistakes as I do. Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  5. Egad! Hope they get the guys and your neighborhood returns to being a safe place.

    I’ve recently gotten comfortable with the idea I’m not going to read every post for all the blogs I’m subscribed to, and end up just deleting the emails fromt eh ones I won’t get to…


    • hi Guap,

      I hope they get the guys too! I learned it was drug related, and we don’t grow drugs. I also heard it was loan shark related, and we don’t marvel money from loan sharks. So are probably safe.

      I feel honored that you are coming to my blog so frequently! It takes a lot of time to visit everybody’s blog and I appreciate you reading mine! I got a new product yesterday, and I’m trying it today! Is Dragon naturally a dictation software. Unfortunately I still have to think, and edit when it doesn’t hear me correctly. Thanks for visiting! See you soon 🙂 Marsha 🙂


    • thanks Meme,

      I’ll be spamming you again soon. Thanks for the nice compliment. I’m trying out my Dragon device. It’s working! Talk to you soon, Marsha 🙂


    • hi Carol,

      I got my dictation to work. It’s not real fast. I still have to think. I may have 500 blogs to follow, but I only get to three or four a night. Sometimes they’re the same three or four. So the other 496 don’t get responded to. Yikes! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  6. Hi, Marsha! I am reading more or less 10 blogs a day (in English and in Polish, my native language) but precisely. I can’t imagine greater activity. It is impossible for me as a member of my family and an employee. And I can read really fast!


    • hello Wanda!
      I named up to about nine blogs. Today I got the dictation device to work! So far it’s not as fast as typing. I’m amazed you can read so many blogs in English. You must read really fast. You must write really fast too! Good to talk to you! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  7. This is all my fault – If I had not canceled our walk to sort out our “treasure” pile you would still be reading 3 blogs a day. I got some info on the home invasion and I don’t think we need to worry – The guy that got shot was dealing!


  8. I knew Russell got through a lot of blogs. Very interesting tips he shared with you. I’ll have to try some of those out and see if it helps me. So many good blogs…so little time!


    • Now that is the winning question of the day! It builds your blogging business, and if you are an artist, photographer, author, that is one way to get more items sold. People buy from people they know. If I were in San Diego, and needed a appraiser or realtor, I’d call Russel Ray. Turns out he’s a whole lot more than that, and if he hadn’t visited my blog when I was a new blogger I would never have found his. Basically I visit the people mostly who visit my blog, and I’m not selling anything. Well, I put a few pictures on a site to sell them, but I’m not a real photographer – just a retiree having fun! 🙂 Thanks for visiting me! 🙂 Marsha


  9. I don’t think I could read that many a day and still have time to go through photos and write my own blog:) I have blogs that I never miss and ones I read weekly. I have ones that I read when the title intrigues me, and I follow a lot of photo blogs – more pictures than words:) I never want it to be a chore. I want to learn something everyday and reading blogs is often the catalyst for that.


  10. I loved your post all the way to the end. I was with you the whole way! BTW, a “cat screaming” sound is most often associated with mountain lions when people are describing what they sound like. I’ve heard them growling and other noises and only heard the scream once, but I think that was a bobcat, not a ML. you must have them up your way, right?


    • We do, as a matter of fact I think we have both! I’ve never seen a mountain lion, but I have seen the corpse of a bobcat. Very interesting! I wondered because it was much louder than our cats!


  11. If he’s reading 150 blog posts per day that means he’s following many, many, more! Whew. I’ve thought much about this very issue. I’m really frustrated that the effort and attention I pay my blog doesn’t, in even the most remote way, translate into likes or follows. Seems like the only way one can get a reasonable amount of feedback (as either likes or follows or comments) is to, perhaps, follow some crazy number (hundreds) of blogs. I’ve been pretty careful about who I’ve chosen to follow (fewer than 25 fellow bloggers). I haven’t even followed all those who have chosen to follow me. Many of these folks punch the follow button and that’s the last you hear from them. I can’t see signing on to follow 1000 blogs and then feel the need to comment on 100-200 posts each day. But I do want those likes (especially). It’s like everything else in life … a tradeoff. Now, see what you’ve done? You’ve posted about frustration and that drove me to reveal my blogging frustrations! Argh! Sorry … tomorrow is another day … with no mistakes in it. Let’s both agree to a better job of being positive. D


    • hahaha Very rarely do I really laugh out loud when I read something funny. We say LOL all the time as an American people. But this time I had to really LOL when I read your response. Likes are nice. I had fallen off the blogmobile for a while, so my likes had gone way down. Nonetheless, I have spent quite a bit of time in the past going to visit blogs, and not just liking them. I actually have blog friends – like you. When I go back and visit them, they come back and visit me, and we visit for a while. Each time we do, it gets a little more personal, a lot more friendshippy. So the likes mean something. A lot of people like Russel Ray. He gets a ton of comments, but when you ask him a question, he is also really helpful. I have learned a lot about photography from him, and no doubt, I will get some good out of these two programs. But I will never be able to read 150 blogs a day because I am generally thinking while I’m doing it – like you. By the way I met Russel Ray, and he’s quite nice and helpful in person. He’s the only blogger that I have actually met in person so far. But I’m not in competition with him!!! It would be nice to get my reading up to more like 20 or 30 because I do follow 500. That doesn’t mean that I have ever interacted with more than 100-200 of those, but I have a pretty good friendship going with probably 20, and a really good friendship going with about 10. That’s not bad for about 750,000,000 bloggers world-wide (or whatever it is!) hahaha See you soon, from one rural part of the country to the other side. Marsha 🙂


  12. There’s no way I could read that many blogs in a day, Marsha – I’ve got about 10 that I follow faithfully (yours is one) and that’s about it. I think if I tried to speed read through blogs I’d end up dizzy and not know who’s blog I was reading or for what reason! 😯

    I must admit, I’m a little worried about the home invasion and shooting! Good grief, now I’m worried about you 😦

    The Apple store gives me the absolute poos! Every time I go in there I have to change my password, it’s a nightmare…

    Stay safe xoxoxoxo


    • Well rumors are going all around us. They knew the guy, they didn’t know him. His son was shot because he owed someone money. So basically it’s just a shockingly, horrible thing.

      You are so funny. The Apple store give you poos!! Hahahaha! I think we have the same response to it! Thank you for following my blog. You are so sweet! By the way that last review of your book was really excellent. I was impressed that he had his browser open the whole time. I checked after I got through the excitement of the story! I couldn’t put it down to go research!!! I had another person buy the book because of my review. I earned you a whole $2.99 (or part of it!!) Maybe $.71. What can you buy in Australia for $.71? hahaha 🙂


  13. I couldn’t possibly read that many in one day. I try to read about 3-4 and leave comments as I see fit. And sometimes, just hit like! Why bother with so many rules?


    • Oh, I don’t know. I would like to read more, and you know how men are – they fix things! Russel Ray is fixing me. I actually didn’t think of them as rules, just ways to improve myself. My husband actually does get tired of me blogging when I am really going at it strong. You know how that goes! So I am feeling extremely honored by your being here today! I’m 25% of your blogging efforts for the day! YEAH!!! That’s worth another chocolate. Want one? I ate more than a handful of chocolate chips as I sat here and answered blogging comments! (BY HAND)! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  14. If I had time to read that many blogs a day (even at 2000 wpm) I would have a cleaner house and more projects done. The process to read more blogs sounds fatiguing. No wonder you are frustraited.


    • Yes, and it’s a lot more than just reading them! When you post, if you are VERY fortunate, people write back to you, and you develop a relationship, and voila, you chat, and think about them as you chat, and like them on FB, and look at their kids and …. Maybe I’m just not MAN enough to do it that way??


      • LOL, maybe that is a good thing that we all aren’t MAN enough to do that – the world would come to a screeching halt.
        Maybe that is the key – he hasn’t developed any relationships.
        I love my blogging relationships. I have about 10 or so that I talk to on a regular basis, you are one of my “inner three!”


        • Awww Darla,

          I feel honored to be one of your inner three! I know exactly what you mean. I have about 10 also. Actually Russell Ray is really a help to me, and I’ve actually met him. I purchased this Dragon Dictation software, and it’s really weird using it. I would say that it’s about as fast as I am, but it doesn’t make as many mistakes. So I can see how it can save me some time especially doing a post.

          Talk to you soon! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


          • I might have to check into it. It would be great for my hubby as he is visually impaired and doesn’t type well. When he was legally blind, he had an archaic piece of equipment that did this, but he really never used it. He’s a doer, not a writer.


          • When he was legally blind?? Ykes. He must have had surgery. I was pretty close to that, I think. I decided to have surgery when I got up at night, and literally couldn’t see anything! I thought, I can’t live like this! So I had the surgery. My eyes still aren’t perfect, and I mistype a lot, but I love the fact that I can see pretty well without glasses. 🙂


          • Yes, he had surgery and his surgeon was a God Send.
            He is diabetic and had diabetic retinaopothy (I spelled that wrong). Anyway, he had had several laser surgeries and the when the big hemorrhage happened, the Dean McGee Eye Institute, who had been taking care of his vision, said they couldn’t do anything else and told him to prepare for a life of blindness. Fore nearly a decade, he walked with a white tip cane and could not see more than shadow images. They were getting him ready for a dog. He no longer could do ceramic tile installations (a job he had done since he was a teenager) or could he do remodel work. We had gone into the vending business (a job they give blind people here in Oklahoma). Not lucrative, but it kept us a float.
            We ran into our eye doc and he said, I want to get a second opinion and sent us to Clint’s now surgeon and he said, “I think there is a lot I can do for you.” And he did and now Clint drives again.
            He worked remodel again, not tile because he could no longer see straight line and then worked for Lowes as an outside (out of the store) sales specialist for seven years. He loved, than hated working for corporate America, they eat you up. Now he is selling real estate full time. Just getting started, but hoping it will be the job for him to go into his senior years with. (No retirement for self employed construction workers). He’s also had to have cataract surgery and now only wears glasses to read.
            But because of his tunnel vision, reading (and computer work) takes him twice as long as most – so he’s done pretty well. Oh did I mention that he has been completely blind in one eye since he was six? Bebe gun accident. (I should really post about this – maybe for his birthday!
            I’m glad your vision is much better now!





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