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Mr. Parks Kitty Follows Us Home

Yesterday morning my friend Sally and I walked as usual.  When we rounded the corner we heard insistent mewing coming from a nearby tree.  We ignored it, and walked to the end of the road and back, about a mile.  When we got back to the tree, we heard it again. We stopped and discovered a scared kitty in the tree, but he was way too high for the two of us to reach him.  So we left him wailing at us.

Mr. Parks

Later another friend called and wanted to walk, so off we went again.  And again, when we rounded the corner we heard the cat.  He had moved down a bit, and we got him out of the tree.  However, he cried as we left him on the corner by the tree and walked home.

Sally and I were up early and walked in spite of a little drizzle today, and who should be crying to see us?  We petted him, and he decided he would accompany us on our walk.  We we got back to his corner, he continued with us as though he belonged to us.  All along a busy highway, he stayed right with us.  When a truck came by, he ran for cover, but stayed away from traffic.

He's home at last.

He’s home at last.

When we got to my house, he stayed as if he owned the place.  As Sally put it, “Dogs have masters.  Cats have staff.”

Mr. Parks rocks and rolls for Mama Kitty.

Mr. Parks rocks and rolls for Mama Kitty.

Mama and Scardy Kitties were not overjoyed to meet Mr. Parks.  Neither was Kalev.  She was scared to death of him, and he of her.  Most importantly, V was not pleased.  But Mr. Parks is adorable.  He is loving and healthy.  You can pick him up and cuddle, and he loves it.


So if you know who Mr. Parks really is, and want him back send me a comment or email.

Who cares?

Scardy Kitty

He looks a lot like Scardy Kitty.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Kitty

And Sally thinks he looks like Rosa Parks Kitty.  We both fell in love with Mr. Parks.  How about you?

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    • He does have! He knows he’s cute, and that everyone should love him. What he doesn’t realize is that Mama Kitty DOESN’T love him. I sure hope I see him tomorrow. A four day conference doesn’t do much to socialize a kitty!!!


  1. OOPs, sorry, got so carried away I failed to say your post was smashing. He has such pretty brown eyes, kinda rare, I think. Ours has blue eyes, but is not Siamese. Was yours older; ours was barely weaned when rescued. Very tiny creature.


    • This is definitely a kitty, probably 3-4 months old, though. Very cuddly, and knows how to play without hurting you. I was immediately in love with him. 🙂


        • Sir, Your kitty is certainly adorable. My kitties are not at all friendly to their space invaders. As far as they are concerned our house and surrounding neighborhood is their territory. I’m sure they had words with Mr. Parks after I went inside for the night. I used to have a cat named Motley. He hung around long enough to get healthy enough to leave again because we fed him. He looked just like Mama Kitty only without her personality. One day he was just gone, and I’ve never seen him back again. Who knows? At least he had plenty to eat for a while, and he knows where it is if he wants to come back. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


          • Thanks for the comment. Cat sure are different than dogs. We keep ours inside or porched. Road here has speeding cars and a cat could run away are worse, get hit. We got a kitty, Citi, when we bought a house; the cat was still there when they left! She was near feral; Babs worked with her and now she is house kitty and part of the rest of the bunch.


          • My cats are just not very friendly, and I don’t work with them to accept new ones very well. We can’t bring them inside. Our cat ,Callie, was hit by a car when we were on vacation, and the neighbor was watching over the cats. She was never very tame or very nice, but she had the best kittens! My favorite was named Pugs. Pugs was only a few weeks old when we met her. Callie always kept them hidden from us until their eyes were open. Pugs would come to us and lay on our shoes. I went away on a business trip, and when I returned V told me that Pugs had disappeared. I cried for days because he also said he thought an owl had snatched her. Weeks later several neighbors were having dinner together, and started sharing cat stories. Ron said he needed a new cat, and our other neighbor said they had a kitten that came to their door a few weeks before. Ron, said he wanted it. I said, I thought it was Pugs. Sure enough it was, but Ron said he wanted it. He finally felt guilty and brought it over to me. The next night our other neighbor’s cat was killed by wild animals. I told her she could have her choice of kitties. Mama Kitty had one that looked just like hers, but it was too tiny. Pugs was just right, so I gave Pugs away, and she still lives there many years later, and comes to me when she sees me. She lives a great life because she is an indoor kitty over there. 🙂 M


          • Lovely cat stories! That was so kind to give up Pugs to the neighbor. Our cats are calm and stay inside. If let outside, two oldest stay in the yard, the other run away! SO only the eldest original cats get to go into the yard!! The others jealously watch.


          • We have ferrel cats come around all the time. Our watch cats, chase them away. Our cats would never run away, I don’t think. they have decided that this is their territory, and beware anyone else who comes around. V. caught a raccoon in a trap he rented earlier this week. The trap people then took him to a preserve in Exeter. The raccoon was eating all the cat food. So he is living safe and sound elsewhere – assure Babs for me! 🙂


          • She will be smiling. I miss her lovely comments. She writes books to me!!! I haven’t been out visiting sites much because we start a new month tomorrow, and my computer slows down to a crawl at the end of the month. 🙂


          • Babs has been sick for awhile algal blooms here are so bad manatees are dying. She has had respiratory infection. She is on the mend and will be back. She misses you “ardently” in her words, and cannot wait to relay latest adventure (misadventure?) involving a “darling armadillo, a giant furry friendly wolf spider, a trembling lizard, some sweet baby raccoons, a dancing oppossum (caught on flim at last, she stresses), a peculiar mole cricket looking for a mate, an acrobatic rat, and a police officer that mistakes photographers sprawled on the ground for injured and/or deceased or otherwise distressed citizens needing assistance.” Can’t wait to elaborate these latest adventures.


          • I can see where Babs gets her writing ability and style! What a trailer for a great post!!! This one sounds like it ought to be on you tube! I can’t wait to read it! Give her a big hug for me. 🙂


          • Well, after the first few sentences Babs jumped in and began writing! Sorry for the confusion!! Thus, the quotes. So it was Babs after all!!

            Rest assured there will be more posts on these topics and more. One is about to appear this week.


          • She is!! As I mentioned, the kitten post is now Up! I wrote (most) of the text and Babs put in the photos and compiled the awesome video! A must-see. Sirfelion


  2. I am all babbled out! Are we twins somehow intertwined?? We had an experience just 5 months ago, so much like yours, uncanny.

    I will be doing a post about it, now that you jogged some old memory cells. Briefly, at a park we were near some brush-heard loud mewing, and this white kitten bounds out of the brush. He is clean and in good health, per our vet. No one else around. Think he was just dumped off before we came by. Why do people let little kittens off into the woods? Or any animal, for that matter.

    He can be seen anytime as he is the cat showcased at the top of my blog! Lost a cat a year ago, had 5, now we are back to 6!! The others took to him as he was just a little kitten, is feisty critter.

    Keep posting, and lets see how many More adventures are in our weird universes in parallel!?


    • Hi Sir,
      Isn’t that the truth? Weirdest being that you and V are from the same home town!!! So strange! I love your kitty. Mine has disappeared at least for a while since I was away for 4 days. I’m hoping I’ll see him when I walk tomorrow. 🙂 V is allergic to kitties, and our other kitties aren’t any more hospitable than V. So we shall see. I have a feeling he moved on to greener pastures. Our neighbors love kitties. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


      • Sorry to hear your cat has disappeared. We have been not too well here. I have ordered a gaggle of air cleaners from Amazon; that should help! We used to have them, they quit and I thought they still cost 500 dollars each. No, down to under 200, but still not cheap. Can’t wait for them to come. Yes, weird from same town out of entire USA. I keep the cats Out of my room, now. That helps the allergies.


        • Hi Sir,
          That sounds like a great way to deal with allergies. Next I have to deal with his not wanting them. I can’t believe he loves his doggie so much, but he is like a different guy with the dog than with the cats. So funny! I found out tonight that Mr. Parks has gone back to the owner with the tree where he was stuck the day we found him. He/she was in their garage this evening. Yeah!!! That was a relief because there was an animal that didn’t make it on the road as I was driving home today. Don’t tell Babs, though. Have a great day tomorrow! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


          • That’s splendid the cat returned to his home. We had a wild spitting cat we found nearby and had him in our porch. We found the owner and returned him, relief. He would not have worked out with the other 5 at the time! Cleaners are here, set up and things are improving. War against the pollen mold and algal blooms here in FL.


          • Oooooh, I hate it when they are bad-natured. We had one that bit all the time. I think it was just trying to play, but after a few good bites, I couldn’t get too enthused about playing! You’ve got us beat on numbers of cats, though. The most we have had of our own at one time was 4, but we’ve always had guest cats, too – or babies. We had two mommas for a while – each with about 4 or 5 babies. One day I was in a hurry to pick up my mom from dialysis. Callie and her kitties had crawled under my car, and were not going to be coaxed out. The kittens got scared, and climbed into the engine compartment. I finally got them all out but one, and he was stuck. My neighbor came over to help. My husband came home, and after several hours we got Lucky out by bending the frame, slightly. It was touch and go. I forget how Mom got picked up from the dialysis center, but it wasn’t by me. 🙂


          • Glad the kitten got rescued. Cats get under hoods, dangereous place. We had a cat climb into the frame of our truck. She rode around while we looked for her. At 3am she plopped down from the truck frame!! She is now a housecat and her roaming days are done.


          • Yeah! Your guys have such soft hearts! Of course, she is a house cat, and she’s be stupid to roam. In spite of what they say, cats are NOT stupid. They know when they’ve got us trained just the way they like it! 🙂


          • Trained is right. No, they are most not stupid. Our hearts can be a little too large, renting is a challenge with 6 cats and two rabbits! Babs insists she has no “soft heart”, but is barnacle coated, made of limestone and pumice and coquina. And with a few crab pincers thrown in.


          • And you know what that really means – soft and mushy as a young slug slithering around near my new spinach leaves. Under all that hard shell, exoskeleton of steel Babs (and you) protects her (your) soft heart! Hello Kitties! Hello Rabbits! Here is your home. I know my friend Carmen is like that. I don’t even know how many cats she has. But everyone of them knows the vet by name. Then she has dogs, too. My brother and his wife were up to 9 dogs at one time, in about a 1500 square foot, three bedroom home. A little squishiness there, too! 🙂


  3. He’s a cutie.

    I have a work colleague who wishes his wife and daughter would stop bringing pets home without speaking to him about it first. I must say, It would be hard to resist keeping him, but if there isn’t family agreement….


    • Our kitties are all outside cats because hubby is allergic to them. Mr. Parks may have found a friendlier home while I was away at my conference. 🙂 I’m hoping I’ll see him while I’m walking tomorrow!! 🙂


  4. I think you have a new Kitty in your house. I had one show up at my back door last June, and now he lives on my patio. He is feral, though, and you can’t get near him, but he waits for breakfast every morning at the door, and sometimes hops up on the windowsill just to look inside. Your new kitty is so pretty!


    • This one is so tame, he must belong to someone. I was away for four days, so we will see if he’s still around tomorrow. Lots of love to you K 🙂 M 🙂


    • He was adorable, and so cuddly. I was away for 4 days, so I haven’t seen him since I left. I’m hoping I see him tomorrow when I’m out walking. My kitties weren’t as enamored with him as I was! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  5. He is lovely cat and such great photos of him, Having my cat on my lap as I am writing this, warm, cuddly, I am fine with 1 cat. He is adorable though!


    • My husband is allergic to cats in several ways. Mostly he sneezes and he doesn’t like them. So cats HAVE to stay outside. Our two kitties don’t think much of strangers. I was away all week-end, and I haven’t seen Mr. Parks Kitty since I’ve been home. 🙂 I’m glad you and your kitty are cuddling. I hope your teddies aren’t jealous. You are loving to everyone, so I’m sure they are are ok! 🙂 Have a great day! 🙂


  6. I hope Mr. Parks will be OK while you are gone – He/she looks like he has found a great home. I would love to take him home but my 4 kitties would not be pleased.

    Have a great meeting! I am anxious to hear all about it Monday.


    • Thanks Naomi, I was away all week-end, and now I don’t know where he is. I’m hoping he is nearby and doing well. Our neighbors love kitties. Our cats don’t care too much for extra friends!!! 🙂 Hope things are going well for you!!1


    • Somehow your comment landed in the spam folder. Yikes!!! My kitties are all outside kitties, and since I was away for 4 days, Mr. Parks wasn’t here to greet me when I got back. He may have another home nearby, or is visiting around. I’m hoping to find him again when I walk tomorrow. Hope you are well and had a great week-end. 🙂





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