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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

My husband just called.

“Have you even been out to the dining room, yet?”

It was 9:30 and I had been trying to get online, writing on my short story, Amanda, and playing with farm show photos for my blog later today, when suddenly I remembered that I had calls to make this morning for CCSS, and I needed to print something. ย Of course, that didn’t work either.

“No,” I answered sheepishly. ย “Is there something out there?”

“I put it out there last night after dinner.”

Of course, I had been on the phone with California Council, then editing my notes from the phone conference, and then I was exhausted, and took a bath, and went to bed, and by that time, he was already in bed, so I didn’t need to go back out to the dining room.

I jumped up, and went to see what was there.

My letters, his thoughtfulness

My letters, his thoughtfulness

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  1. I got pink roses too! Now, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been given flowers by Mr ET in our 30 years of marriage, so to come home yesterday afternoon and find a gorgeous arrangement with a note that simply said “Surprise” was pretty amazing. Your niece-in-Sydney says he must have gone soft in his old age! I prefer to think that he loves me more than ever…


    • You are right, and maybe being softer, means loving more. V has been becoming a much better husband in the last 3 years or so. It’s hard for them. Things change, and they don’t know what hit them. It takes a while for them to readjust and realize that it’s romance time again!!! The kids are gone, things slow down slightly – what to do???? hmmmmm FLOWERS!!!! Surprise!!! Glad you got such a lovely gift!

      Have a continued romantic week-end. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sis


  2. V is an absolute doll!!! TOO gloriously groovy, dear lassie, TOO grand!! Wishing you and V a most ebullient Valentine’s indeed, I hope it was absolutely marvelous!!

    P.S. Sir shall be soon sailing through the skies and will find himself in Portland by tomorrow afternoon. I hardly noticed it was V-day thus, I was so delighted in helping him with his packing. We whipped out and designed some business cards with a photo of a sunset with wind turbines I took a year ago. So, it was a day I felt like me mum was around, helping with organising, planning, and putting together the business cards- it was so fun. A very happy Valentine’s indeed. P.S. Sir got white roses a few days ago early. They were dashing.

    WOO, with Friday sniveling along, I wish you and dear V a dashed fantastic weekend!!! Cheers lass,

    Autumn J. Toad


    • It sounds wonderful. White roses, packing, business cards – very busy!!! V and I had a comfortable V-Day. His word. He explained it beautifully. I made cookies and chicken soup instead of going out. His son came to visit around 8:00. The weather was perfect all day – about 65 and sunny, no haze, no smog, no fog, just beautiful.

      Did Sir tell you that he and V grew up in the same town, probably were not there at the same time as V left when he was young, and he is older than Sir, but the same LITTLE town in NY? What a VERY small world!!! Too amazing!

      Hope Sir enjoys Portland. It would be awesome if you moved there. I would come see you often, and come see my brother more often than I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Autty ๐Ÿ™‚

      Marsha ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Oh I am glad it was such a gorgeous day for you all!!! Sounds beautiful! We are having such a day as that, here today. Clear, sunny, and blissfully in the early 70s, late sixties, It feels majestic. And you would not believe the shadows playing all around. Ooooo long slate blue palm-tree shadows….YUS! Nothing thrills me more, apart from swimming with sharkies or being thrown by large waves- next to those two NOTHING. Whale…catching a wee glisk of a friendly wee lizard or hopping about with a rabbit or a toadie, or walking the cat, all these do rank high up there with the thrill of palm shadows. And the rambling is horrendous tonight!!

        Ah, but anyhow, your V-day sounds like it was most exquisite indeed!! Yesterday, it was definitely my kind of brooding weather- cool, rainy, forboding, LOVELY! It was a gift. It rained all day, I nearly wept with joy.

        Tell me, there ARE palm trees in Berkeley yes??? At least a few to loiter about gawking at their slate blue shadows for a while? Oooooo lovely!!

        Oh It would be GROOVY, living so much closer. Imagine the adventures that lurk in the future for us…er misadventures?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Oh yes, Sir told me and I was not surprised at all! A lot of people come from that little town and scatter to the more beautiful parts of the country, I have found. I got the privilege of meeting the town some years ago. Very interesting photographically! I had no blasted camera at the time, however. My mum had a brilliant film camera that I dared never to touch- she tried to get me to, but I refused. I did not want to waste film. Imagine how happy I was when digital came alone?? I snapped that up without fear because of the wonderful little “delete” button. Anyhow, what a place to photograph. I’d love to go back and do some shooting. But to live….Sir has many sad stories from there. It is redolent of the town we lived on the outskirts of in IL.

        Oh bother, I could just yammer and yammer away…blast me.

        Thank you for the dashed cute little image there! I must learn how to insert images into comments. I’m sure there are gallons of tutorials loitering about to elucidate me.

        Ta ta for now, luv,




        • Ralph taught me how to do it. I’ll email it to you so you know how to do it. It’s easy.

          I have never been to Jamestown yet, if ever. Cindy talks about it, and I think she actually lived there more than Vince, and would have been closer to Sir’s age. She is my age, almost. She will be 61 in May.

          I.m pretty sure you can find palm trees in Berkeley. It’s a pretty place. I did one or two posts on it here somewhere. So, Sir should be out here on the West Coast by now. How is he enjoying himself? We are having splendid weather. You would be very happy here today.

          So I’ll quit rambling for now.
          Lots of love to you, AJ
          Marsha ๐Ÿ™‚


          • Ah, never stop rambling lass.

            Thank you, I will appreciate that. Ralph is too grand, he’s always bestowing gifts everywhere he goes.

            I remember when one of my best friends was 61, she got up on a water-cooler and cooed, “61 and still having fun!” She is a Miami-ite. I adore her.

            Ah, Jamestown is one of those dreary, brooding places, lots of brick and deep fissured sidewalks and pot-holes- a place where the atrophy can be seen in the buildings, and perhaps somewhat in the culture of the people too- the kind of place that is perfect for a black and white lass like me to bob around with a camera- although, there are a lot of places to fall, with all those cracks in the pavement and so forth….;)

            There is a book that was made into a film called “Nobody’s Fool”. I disliked the book, found it to be too grotesque and exaggerated, but I adore the film. It is riddled with pensive shots of wintry small-town upstate NY, and so much like Jamestown. So much to grieve there, but so much to love as well. The music is melancholy heaven.

            Right, I really rambled off there.

            Oooooo wish I could have been there today, I would have so enjoyed a nice gambol in that sluicing Californian sunshine, chortling and guffawing away with you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


            Autumn J S Toad


          • Much better than black and white sorrow in Jamestown! I do like Paul Newman. 61 is a great age. Sad thing is that I’ll never be this young again! haha. I’m sure you are fast asleep by now. It’s after 8:00 here, and I feel like it 11:00 here rather than there!!! I ate too many cookies, and now I’ve gone through all the sugar, and crash. I’m out of sugar!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


          • Ah ha, yes, he’s lovely and Jessica Tandy was gorgeous in that film as well.

            Not fast asleep, all wired after Sir called to give his evening report. He had a fabulous time in Portland-land today! He checked out the university, a cemetary, a park, and a thrift store in order to purchase a London Fog trench coat redolent of “The Big Sleep” as I had asked Sir to- future photo shoots are always in mind. It will go swimmingly with that fedora.

            Oh poor lassie! Sugar crash oh bother! I’m also very wired after a raw-food smoothie thing I just made. I love them. But at 11:30 one should not be bounding about in a super-food manic craze with cats and rabbits with no slumbering Sirs afoot to disturb….Ha cannot get too wild or poor Lily, the grandmotherly neighbour next-door may wake which would terribly abominable of me. Did I write ATROPHY?? Blast, I was dehydrated. I meant entropy. Hahaha Right, the rambling is ceasing NOW

            Autumn Jade

            PS have I mentioned I adore the new puppy love header???


          • I’m glad you like the heading. I am not crazy about the color I made it. I experimented with raw photo taking, and it seems like everything comes out with a blue haze. So I took a few pictures in normal jpeg. I think this was one of them, but then I added layers, and took out their leshes. I had one other picture and I like the color better now that I see them side by side, but didn’t do well enough on the cloning of the leash removal.

            I think I am dehydrated, too. Better get some lime juice going! hahaha. So what university did Sir check out? I went to Portland State for a year. I can’t wait to hear his report on Portland! ๐Ÿ™‚ ML


          • Portland State is the one he checked out. That would be the one I’d like to go to before attempts at getting into Berkley. I’d really be honoured to go to Portland State, too, must get in. Sir wants a nice environment to write his novel, and he’s loving Portland. I love the topography, being obsessed with geology, as well as the sea and sharks.

            Yes, we both need some more lime water spritzing. I need some more. Especially after all that typing I did to you about mice…how could I go on like that??? Dehydrated….

            Sir told me he’ll be visiting your blog tomorrow. A man on the plane is going to put in a word for Sir at an eco-lighting company the bloke works at, overhearing that Sir is a technical writer interested in energy, environment, and so forth. So, Sir is going to send him a thank-you email, and while online wants to check out Marsha blogland, and probably Ralph blog-world as well. ๐Ÿ˜€


          • I am so excited about you moving to Portland. I’ve already got you living there, you know!!! Perfect!!! Perfect!!! Perfect!!! When we moved there, our relatives in Indiana thought I had landed a job with the Chamber of Commerce (at age 15) because I was such an enthusiast of Portland. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some things never change!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


          • Oh that is funny! That sounds like me and my promotion of FL. A few Illinoisians get a bit peeved with me when I go on and on and on…but how could one not??? I imagine it will be the same with Portland. I am VERY excited!!!! MOST exuberant, highly jubilant, too grooovy!


          • You are going to take over my Chamber of Commerce job when you get there. Just wait and see. And yes, if I moved from IL to FL, I’d be the C of C for FL. As it was I moved from IN to OR! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait. When are you moving????? Hurry up!!


          • Great person??? Let me disillusion you, I am a complete brute. I must say this, though, my life is greatly enhanced knowing you both. I am honoured and grateful- just do not forget, I am a briny, limestone encrusted, barnacle-riddled, grainy, cantankerous, drift-wood lipped, gimpy, raspy, seething brute.

            May that never be forgotten.

            Now, where did those fluffy rabbits get to? Time to give them a pat on the head and feed them some tender wee flowers. They love clovers just like you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cheers,

            Autumn Jade


          • Yeah, yeah, yeah, like I believe you! The rabbits escaped from Ralph’s place. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, but they’re so adorable, I may never let them go!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ M


          • P.S. I love to do raw. The laptop doesn’t handle it at all, however, so I have my raw images set aside ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They’re just too much for it. I like to take a few raws now and then when the conditions are perfect and the photo is all set up just the way I like it.

            I’ve never noticed the blue haze with raw, however. I thought you applied it to create a sort of wintry, dusky feel to the photo. I love the sentiment of the photograph.


          • Opposums play dead??? When do they ever do that??? They waddle and romp all the time with me! One of the cutest creatures in N. America. Right up there with armadillos!! CUTE!!!


          • Oh no! Every time I’ve gone out dancing with them, I’m always camera-less. Perhaps they do play dead when a predator is lurking near? They are like little puppies when I come up to them, and that waddle- gets me every time. The dancing shimmering waltze of the coonies also gets me- TOO funny, that sort of side-stepping dance they do, SO cute. Did you know one evening one coon danced right up to me and went shimmering by, the grey fur on his back brushing against my back as he went. Am I invisible to animals? That was a night I went dancing with an oppossum as well as called a mouse over. I MUST have told you the mouse story?? How could I not??? Well, here it is again, talking of hamsters, a dear relative.

            This wild, October evening with a keen and ardent wind was brushing wildly through the lissom palms. I saw a wee figure in the street as we stepped outside. I darted toward the vacant road, to that little figure, a fluffy ball of fur nibbling something right in the middle of the silent street. Sir lumbered behind me mumbling about the wind. I bugled, “Ah HA I thought it was a mouse! Look Sir, here, I’ll call him over!” I proceeded to make little tiny kiss noises. Sir was standing in the street looking dazed, “Oh that can’t be a mouse!” I assured him, “Oh yes he is! Here, don’t be frightened, I’m going to call him right up to your shoes.” I called again. The mouse looked up and darted right up to Sir’s feet. Should have seen his face, eyes nearly falling out, most bulbous, mouth ajar, lips protruding. He emitted a great shrill, rather girly, shriek and ran toward the house. The little mouse stood on his hind legs briefly, whiskers twitching, looked at me, then scampered across the street. Now, this is when the coon showed up. I was still standing there, calling to Sir to come back, it was just a wee friendly mousie, and then, out of the brush a coon comes dancing right up. It was a while later I came upon the adorable opposum and we had a wee minute-long dance together, synchronised- you should have seen it. That was also a night was stopped by police for being a possible burgler. How do you explain you are just out dancing with opposums, coons and mice??? The cat had slipped away, too, so we thought, and I was looking for her. Turns out she was hiding in the vehicle at home. She came scampering in in the wee hours after her sleep in there…

            I must have told you all this before. I don’t know what came over me, it is the phalanges, again, and all this talk of dancing, they too wanted to have a tango and a toss of cavorting bliss, and so they have.

            Right, MUST get oppossum photos. I’ll take camera next nocturnal walk and have it ready. I’ve tried, but they always end up a blur. OOO but so cute.

            Right DONE

            a sheepish autty jade


          • AJ, All I can say, is Poor Sir. He is SO abused! I did the same thing to my grandmother, but not with a real mouse! I don’t have your ability of Dr. Doolittling! You are the amazing one!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ML


          • Yes, poor, poor Sir….I say “pobre cito” to let him know I have some sympathy for the torment I put him through…

            You scared your grandmother with a fake mouse???!!! I must hear more about this! Poor Grandmother!

            Oh, Sir should have trusted the mouse was only being friendly, wanted to say “hello”. I told him as such. I even warned him the mouse was going to come right up to his feet. He never believes me, but every time, it’s always as I say…I don’t know why or how, though. What is there to fear in a mouse? He was clearly healthy. I could see that right away. Good physical condition, nice immaculate fur, clean long whiskers, clear curious bright eyes, a chipper attitude, cleaning his face, turning his head, and so on.

            Now when I did marsh-mouse calling a few months ago in a park called Ulumay, Sir did not panic and run. He, for once, trusted the mouse would not attack him viciously and crawl up legs to rabidly begin building tangly nests in his hair or whatever horror he was imagining. It was rainy at dusk. I had been avid about going “swamping” that day, because everything would be a’glitter with rain. I sensed that marsh mice were active, cleaning out flooded burrows and so forth as we walked along back toward the entrance of the park after our long hike. As we ambled along, I spotted one, at last, a slightly soggy, rather large mouse. Sir said, “Is that a rat?!” because of the size. “Of course not, Sir, look at his mousie visage. Clearly a swamp mouse. Swamp mice are always very friendly.” I called him right over. You should have seen this little mouse running down the path to me like a little puppy! It was too funny! I did not have the mouse go up to Sir this time, but up to my feet. Perhaps that is why he did not run away screaming (Sir, not the mouse). And the cute adorable marsh mouse did just that, and stood up to look at me, and this time, I DID get photos ๐Ÿ˜‰ then he went past me and down into the brush where I imagine a mouse-hole awaited. SO CUTE!


          • Autty, Autty. You are the end! My mouse story was in the house. I was staying with my grandparents and things were much too quiet in the living room. We were all reading. I KNEW grandma was scared of mice, so, out of nowhere, I screamed, “Grandma a mouse!” From total silence to that! Well Grandma let out a scream, and I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting that, but when she screamed and put her feet in the chair, so did I. And I KNEW there was no mouse!!!! Grandpa just looked at both of us over his glasses and kept reading. We dissolved into giggles, or at least I did. I think Grandma stayed mad a while longer until she couldn’t resist laughing too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a meany, Autty!!!


          • You are no meanie! You are absolutely wonderful, and evening terrorized Grandma eventually evapourated into laughter with you!! Hahaha I especially laugh at the way your grandfather reacted. TOOO good. Oh I can just picture it!


          • You are typing, typing, typing, for sure. I would imagine the speed of your fingers to be in the 100s. I wonder if anyone can type the speed of their brain? I know I’m pretty close,but my brain has slowed down over the years, and when I type it almost goes into la la land, so it can focus on those little letters that go into each word, then backspace when I get too many of them or in the wrong order.

            Portland State will be perfect for you, and I will visit you, for sure. Tell Sir he HAS to go to Powell’s Books downtown. That is a must. I’d better write it on his site as well. He HAS to go there. You are going to go nuts in that place. Portland is a wonderful place. It’s at the convergence of two large rivers, the Columbia and the Willamette. It’s only 2 hours or so from the coast and about the same from Mt. Hood. Wonderful! I can’t wait till you move there. Forget Berkeley for now! M


          • Ooo I wish I could type as fast as the brain- never going to happen! I imagine there just might be someone out there who can, that would be groovy. I think completely in rapid visuals, which must be translated into language-that process alone will always keep the typing at least a wee bit slower har har.

            It does eventually slow down? Well, THAT will be nice.

            Hahaha, your promotion of Portland reminds me of my own of Florida- and some old Illinoisians I still talk to now and then would enjoy smothering me in order to get me to stop going on and on about the grand ol’ coquina plateau.

            I know I’m going to LOVE it there!!! VERY excited.

            Yes, Berkeley could not be immediate, I’d never get in. I need to get excellent grades for a while first before I even attempt.

            Powell’s Books I have heard of. I was already bugling at Sir to go yesterday. I shall repeat it now. He MUST report back.

            Now this may sound like a silly question, but do you know of any remote, quiet, meadows outside of or near Portland?

            Lassie, you always evoke such joy and too many grins!


            Autty J Toad, Smiling


          • Oh my gosh, tons of places. We used to go on Rocky Hill, and the grotto, up to Mt. Hood, along the Columbia River, up the Columbia River Gorge. That is a gorgeous drive. When you get there, I”ll come up and we’ll go exploring. You have never seen such beauty!!! You are going to love, love, love it!!!!


          • (although, I am already very “high” and “heady” because I was just outside with my macro-capable replacement lens. Remember my old camera that went dunking in the ocean with me? The lens did not survive, but the camera did. I ordered a refurbished twin a few days ago, she arrived today, and I almost wept because I was able to put the lens right up into a flower again, I LOOOOOVE macro!!!!! And now I’m all weepy imagining all the macros I’ll be getting there….)

            It sounds so exquisite! I have LONG dreamed of the exquisite topography there. I CAN’T WAIT!

            Do you know what so enhances all this??? We will get to meet and cavort and gambol about together! To go and meet a dear friend- THAT is a true gift indeed!!!

            Time for some more citrus infused H2O, I must keep the sap from taking over.




    • That is the truth! How do you find time to surf?? Even LAY on the beach and do nothing would take time!!!

      Here’s a Valentine for you.

      Enjoy the rest of your evening! ๐Ÿ™‚ Marsha xox


      • I love my valentine in the sand! It does take time! Laying out on the beach is summertime and I use it to regroup. Surf is early morning or afternoon if there is a good swell and I also use that time to organize my thoughts.


        • Organize – what I need to do in order to function, and right now – total disarray! OK, not total, but enough that it needs to be done again! Enjoy this wonderful weather. ๐Ÿ™‚ M


    • I forgot to send you a Valentine. Well, I didn’t really forget. I had to do a million other things today, but now that V is sleeping on the couch, and our company won’t arrive for another half hour, I have a few minutes to grab.

      Happy rest of the evening to you.

      Marsha ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It was sweet, Ralph, and I was so preoccupied that I missed it until he called. What’s up with that???

      Your Valentine’s Day is almost over. I hope you had a good one, My Favorite, Lovable, Adorable, Best Friend, Ralph. Manny said to tell you that he thinks YOU’RE German, and to give you a big bear hug to say thanks for his pin-up. You are everybody’s Love, Ralph, and that’s what Valentine’s Day is traditionally all about. EVERYBODY gets a Valentine. So, sleep tight. sweet dreams, and wake up happy, Chappy. oxxxxoooo Marsha ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Thank you so much MVBFM for the pictures, one of which is my pin-up. You did it !!!!! You are putting images in comments !! Well done !!
        Manny. I am not German. I am English which is a real mixture of European countries. So maybe I have a smidgen of German in me. Thanks for the kiss. Lots of love. Ralph xox ๐Ÿ˜€


        • Ralph, you teach, I learn. That’s what I do, have always done for a living and beyond now just for the living. I learn. My motto for life. ๐Ÿ™‚ If Manny were my REAL son, he would also be English with a dab of German, and a little Scotch Irish in him too. Maybe that explains the paddy in me (haha) (And the excessive need to learn.) If I could just remember everything I’ve learned in the past, maybe I wouldn’t have to kepp going at such a frantic pace. NAAAAAAH WRONG! Forgot the world changed! No one has that privilege. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day, Ralph ๐Ÿ™‚

          RVFBFM ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I got the best gifts at the Farm Show – A red lightweight backpack blower that I can start – and it is red, a pruner sharpening stone – It is red – a sprayer for the hose – it is red! I had a great day! My husband is a great guy!


  3. It’s beautiful! I love, love, love roses, and grow quite a few. Is that a miniature? Or a bouquet? The ivy sets it off so nicely. What a sweet hubby! (Tell him I said he ROCKS!)
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you Both.
    Marcia (ps…it’s our 27th anniversary today, so we get to celebrate twice!)


      • I did dance, actually. Okay, more like I shuffled around the room in a slow, creaking fashion, but it’s the thought that counts. Mark just waved to me as I went by. ๐Ÿ˜€ (He didn’t dance much when he was YOUNG.) Thanks for the wishes, and I still wanna know if that’s a miniature rose plant or a bouquet? Mark has often brought me darling little rose plants for special occasions, and I put them in hanging baskets outside the porch door. They are so sweet. But bouquets are lovely, too. Anything with roses works for me.


        • Yes, it is a miniature rose plant. V took it out of its container, and watered it last night as soon as he got home. He really is the mother hen of the two of us. “I’m going to plant this outside as soon as I can.” I think maybe he bought it for himself. He loves landscaping. He is dying to plant “color” in the yard. We have about an acre to landscape, and it seems like an ongoing task! ๐Ÿ™‚


          • I hope it thrives for him, then. I love mini roses, and as I said, I have quite a few roses in my garden, anyway…old world varieties, floribundas and a few hybrid teas. (Those are more difficult here in Florida due to the humidity giving them black spot.) I love gardening, but it is a real chore if it’s not your thing. And as I get older, I find myself looking for easier things to make the garden lower maintenance. Check here to see some of my roses:

            Now I’m wishing I had a couple of mini’s, too. Haven’t had any for awhile. I just may have to hit a nursery or two this weekend.





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