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My First Photography Up for Sale on Fine Art America Website

I saw Enice’s photography on this website, so I thought I’d give it a try as well.  So far I only have 10 pictures posted, but they are also advertised on my Facebook page.  I’m excited, because I finally got myself started.  This business is mostly a hobby, but I would like it to be a successful hobby just because I like to be successful.

The way I will measure success is that 1) the pictures are of technically of good quality ( clear, the right brightness, etc.) 2)  the pictures are well composed (interesting subjects, good balance, framing, etc.) 3)  The pictures have appeal (people just enjoy looking at them), and 4) The pictures have salability (usable for decorating, cups, t-shirts, cards, advertising, calendars, etc.)  Who knows where this will lead, but this is my next experiment.

TC History Gal Productions

I started out with pictures of cats because they seem to have so much personality.  I realize that most of you are photographers as well, so you are not too likely to purchase pictures from me, but I would love your opinions. You have been so helpful in the past about giving me such good ideas.  How would you rate these?

V's favorite is Boulder Monitoring.

V’s favorite is Boulder Monitoring.

V’s favorite is Boulder Monitoring.  That’s what I felt like doing yesterday afternoon instead of driving to Ontario.  But I drove 5 hours instead.  I hope that you will come and like my Facebook Page, and join me on this adventure.  I’ll be sharing how it is going or not going as we go along.

Like me?

Like me?

The next thing I started this week, I did out of necessity.  Earlier this week I asked you to vote on the front of a brochure that I designed in Photoshop.

You overwhelmingly picked this design for the front of the brochure.

You overwhelmingly picked this design for the front of the brochure.

Although I really had no desire or inclination to design a whole brochure, no one else volunteered to do it.   To create this masterpiece, I tried out a new product, Adobe Illustrator.  You can see that the basic design that you voted on  is on the right, which is the cover.  I changed the picture, and used too big of a font for the words at the bottom.  I also included more pictures on the inside flap and back to represent the various branches of social studies.  Wikipedia quotes our own National Council for the Social Studies to define social studies.

Social studies is the “integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence,” as defined by the United States Americans National Council for the Social Studies.[1]   … Many such courses are interdisciplinary and draw upon various fields, including sociology but also political sciencehistoryeconomicsreligious studiesgeographypsychologyanthropology, and civics.

The brochure that you all helped me design.

This is the first draft of the entire brochure that you helped me design.

Ralph, you’ll notice no smelly sock unless you consider the bear smelly!!!  Cotton, I found the Bear Flag on the map, and I thought that was too cool.

I also finished as much as I could with the tri-fold brochure.   Paula made some suggestions for technical revisions, but our board made some other substantive comments that may WILL change it as well.  Here were some of the comments/questions I heard around the room as soon as I passed the out the brochure.

Would it be more effective to have a brochure with artwork rather than photographs?  (I don’t have the ability to do artwork!!!)

This was done by a real graphic artist for our conference in March.

A real graphic artist created this for our conference in March.

If photographs are suitable, what photographs really illustrate these divisions of social studies?

This man is a sailor, which in my mind suggested economics.  Maybe it wasn't the best photograph to illustrate economics.  It got a laugh!!

This man is a sailor, which in my mind suggested economics. Maybe it wasn’t the best photograph to illustrate economics. It got a laugh!!

Even more basic than those questions, do we just illustrate the definition of social studies, or do we move past that to illustrate what the council does?

1) the advocates for keeping social studies as a core subject to continue to be taught in American public schools?

2) provides professional development for teachers grades k-16,

3)  identifies quality instructional resources and

4) assists in developing and implementing state policies including standards, frameworks and assessments.

There is so much to designing a brochure.  The designer and the organization have to identify what is really important and somehow represent that graphically!  How do REAL graphic designers ever do it????

Thanks for coming along with me in my busy-ness this week.  I’ve been so wrapped in meetings this week month that I hardly knew know if I’m coming or going.  You all have helped by my anchors and my boulders.  Thanks for being there.  I’m monitoring you!

Have a nice rest of the week-end.  What are you all doing??  I have a meeting tomorrow for Tulare County Historical Society.  Anyone want to come??  Don’t forget to write to, like love tell me what you think while I’m busy going to meetings.   🙂  Lots of Love, Marsha 🙂

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    • Selling anything is hard in my opinion. I have sold houses and magazines, and my services as a consultant. They are all hard!!! V is helping me a little. He sells real estate, and has been a marketing person most of his career. He thinks it is hard, too!!! For me photography is a new hobby, but my dad did it. I have time now, (hahaha) and I don’t want to go hot and heavy into it, but I’m just going to see how it goes. If it’s like bowling, well – we won’t go there. I bowled a 9 once- oooh did I just blab that?

      You, on the other hand, are a professional of the highest quality. You know so much that I will probably never learn. I can see you writing books. You are a great writer, tell a wonderful story, and your pictures are amazing. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE your work, and you have inspired me so much. I just had a great idea for you, but I’ll email it in a bit. I have to get going right now. Love you much!! ML


  1. Although geography is mentioned in your list of the things that social studies can include, the fact remains that most American students are exposed to almost no geography. Before World War II, there were separate school subjects called history and geography, and I have to think that that distinction led to a greater knowledge of history and of geography than students currently have. There’s too much socializing in social studies, and not enough studies.


    • You are correct in saying that students get very little exposure to geography. We are hoping that with the advent of the upcoming recommendations by C3 Framework for Social Studies that there will be an emphasis on all the social studies, not just lists of historical facts. I found this article if you are not familiar with the new Framework. The C3 Framework will be introduced at our Conference March 8-10 in Burlingame, CA

      I’m not sure what you mean by “too much socializing in social studies”, though. Teachers are so busy it’s hard to get people to come out for training unless they are for Common Core. And even our social events are educational. In this school calendar year our local organization visited a local historic museum (3 people came), saw the movie Lincoln (9 came including spouses), and had 2 scholar talks (with about 8-10 in attendance at each). Maybe we are not social enough!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and interest. I’ll check out your website as well. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


      • By ““too much socializing in social studies” I meant a couple of things. One was that the people in charge of education shifted the emphasis away from history and geography per se and heavily toward people. Now, obviously there’s no history without people, but I think the pendulum swung too far to that side, with the result that too few people got a good grounding in the facts of history and geography. I spent 1968 and 1969 in Honduras with the Peace Corps, and a story circulated at the time, possibly apocryphal, of the prospective volunteer who had been offered a stint in Honduras and who said, “Great, I’ve always wanted to go to Africa.”

        The other thing I meant was that too much socializing goes on in classrooms for my taste (oh heathen me!). Students are encouraged to give opinions about everything, even when they know little about the thing being discussed.

        I imagine I come across as having strong opinions. There are nuances to what I think and have said, but it would take me a long time to make myself clearer.


        • Thanks for the lengthy reply, Steve. I enjoy your thoroughness. I did not start teaching as soon as you did, but I might have been one of those who coud have been that story! My knowledge of geography is still scary to a geographer, as is my knowledge of historical facts, in spite of many years in the field.

          I think teaching is complicated. I have been in hundreds of classrooms over the years and seen all types and styles of teaching. I can always find something to criticize. Amazingly when I have modeled the perfect lesson in someone else’s class (which I did in many classes over a period of 17 years), they can do the same of me!!!

          I don’t pretend to thoroughly understand your viewpoint, so I can’t argue about the sociality of one classroom or another. I do see a lot of time wasted in transitions. I see strategies like “think, pair, share” done incorrectly, and time wasted that way. I see long lectures with no break for kids to verbalize what they heard and understood. I see long lectures that veer off the path and divert from the subject, with not interruptions from students. I also see students socializing and not paying attention to their teachers at all. From an administrative point of view, I think it is good to have students “discover” using tools such as reading and graphic organizers. Research shows that when students vocalize what they are learning, they learn better. I have seen that done effectively. Rarely have I seen students learn well with lecture, but good teachers use a variety of techniques that include some socializing. One of the best teachers I ever observed during a WASC validation visit was a chemistry teacher. She opened by thanking a student for bringing her a cup of coffee, and asking about the students’ week-end. Then she saw me, and welcomed me to the class. Then she started her interactive lesson. It was amazing. I learned right along with the students. I kept track of the different instructional strategies she used, and handed her my notes at the end of the class. She was amazed because they all came so naturally to her, she didn’t know she did them. She was a 10/10. Most teachers I have seen are about a 3-6/10. My point is that socializing, done correctly, and timed well is an effective strategy. Like any other strategy, it takes practice to master.

          Oh BTW, I have strong opinions, too, and I appreciate hearing your opinions as well. They are always welcomed here!! 🙂


  2. I definitely want to purchase a photo of Margaret on a cup – What a great idea.
    The Social Studies group is so lucky to have you in charge!!!!!
    See you next week.


  3. Good luck with your paintings, Marsha. I think cats are definitely winners, as it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo of a cat. 🙂 You are such a busy bee. I feel exhausted after reading your post, and I haven’t even had a shower yet. I shall resist the urge to climb back into bed, but only because I’ve made the bed already. 😆


    • You are so busy, too. You have family, and go millions of places, and post beautiful posts every day, and answer thousands of emails every week, and take millions of pictures, and hula hoop, and go to Target to see your granddaughter!!! You are SO busy!!! I’m just getting used to retirement. I haven’t ‘quite settled into it yet!!! 🙂


    • I understand. Yours are beautiful, and I would never have known about them if you hadn’t blogged!!! I think the thing I live most about blogging is that you develop a relationship with bloggers, then you WANT to see what they have done. Marsha 🙂


      • Exactly I follow so many in their every day lives it is fun to see their talents my friends are so different from those who others follow but really the same people wanting a better life for ALL if a photo or a silly story of mine can make them think or smile and forget their problems if just for a minute my day is PERFECT


        • You are so sweet. I actually want a guffaw out of folks once in a while. Remember The Reader’s Digest, Laughter’s the Best Medicine? I want to create that bubbly stuff in readers. That’s my goal!!! 🙂 ML


          • 🙂 Well I set up the Facebook page to add them from Fine Art they can’t by a simple card if they don’t know you are selling them 🙂 they are used to seeing my photos on FB now for a couple of years NOW TO FIND BUYERS I only get $1 for each card but it is all good
            prints I think are like $8 to $10 for most that is INEXPENSIVE but money is tight for so many I see that with me beading they will buy a cheap piece at craft store already made and not support their locals painstakingly adding bead by bead for 6 hours on a piece 🙂 now I have learned to bead only for gifting lol live and learn 🙂


          • I’m sure that’s true. Not only that, everyone has digital cameras, and if they want to make a print of something, it will most likely be their own print. How much wall space does one have?? But as far as cards are concerned, most people don’t write too many cards. Who writes? We email. It might be a good idea to be on an email card list of photos to buy. Most of those are animated, though, and I certainly don’t have those skills!!! Mugs and calendars might be nice, but I notice that Fine Art doesn’t offer that like shutterfly. One of our history girls made us each a book using the pictures from our outings. It was beautiful – a real treasure!!! 🙂


          • Exactly I use Zazzle for all the goodies they can place my photos on 🙂 there is millions with cameras just have to find the person our photo captures and grabs them and they think it is something THEY MUST HAVE lol


          • Ouch! come to California!!! I have lived in CO and IN, and had to shovel in both places. I’m thinking sympathetic thoughts for you. The snow does make beautiful pictures for you, though! 🙂


          • XO and I weighed in and lost 2 more 🙂 Beach in am loading another 200 photos tonight while he is on beach detecting I go in AM it will be in the 50’s 🙂


          • 🙂 sadly I have thousands to go through and just trying to cover all four seasons for businesses 🙂


          • That’s not sad, that’s glad!!! Are you putting them all up on that site? Do you have it connected to FB and Twitter, etc.? I do, and I don’t want to implode my friends’ inbox! I think 5 in a day is too much!!!


          • I warned mine and they can block the post but there are also the two boxes to check not to share.


          • mine are local friends or ones who grew up here in New England so so far they love looking at photos 🙂


          • That’s sweet. So far mine are cats only, and they are all local! But my friends are not all local. I could put up a post warning them, though. 🙂 It will have to wait until another night, now. It’s after 5:00 a.m., and my free internet service extends only from 12:00 to 5:00 a.m. 🙂


          • No western Mass in a 10 day SILENT retreat No Sex, Drugs or Rock and Roll or writing or reading just going to be whole again 🙂


          • Just me and MY TRUTHS to deal with BRUTAL lol not bad just have to learn to let go of hurt and PAST I made it I should be HAPPY 🙂


          • We all should be, but life is a combination. If we were HAPPY all the time, we’d be shallow. Things hurt us because we care about them. We are passionate about people and issues. And those things have the ability to hurt us greatly and make us sad. To not be hurt is not to love, not to care. How sad is that? I’m WAY too sensitive, and get hurt TOO easily, but I also have the capacity to love deeply as well. I cry, but I keep going – through my tears. I thought that eventually I’d get too old for tears, but so far that hasn’t happened, so here’s to being sad sometimes!! Now go face your truths, and be happy – even if they make you sad!!! OK I’m blond!! 🙂 ML


          • That’s a nice idea. I’m really sure how great my photos are to start really promoting them. I like them, and I get compliments on them, but are they really good? I don’t know. I might try creating a portfolio of local pictures that I think are good, though. Banks might like those better than cats!!!

            So have you printed up pictures to send as give aways or do you do other crafts as give aways? I started quilting potholders,a nd never go them done!!!


          • I sell prints, jewelry at local stores and even yard sales I don’t want a million just want to have a mix to choose from on my Portfolio I want all 4 seasons eventually represented here so photos can be exchanged in local businesses and they know they can come to me for say a fall photo for them to get ready in spring. I have Business cards with all links for them to go to I am just starting to share lol I have only had my blog and been out there for 8 months it takes time to see what the masses like and are will to pay for


          • I’m afraid that I probably don’t have the patience to sit at a yard sale or craft show and sell things. So I’m resigned to being behind the scenes on the internet, etc. Good for you – jewelry, too! That’s a fun craft. Several people make jewelry that worked with me. That would be a nice talent to have. You are so creative, Eunice!! Please don’t inspire me to try anything else!!! I can’t keep up!!!! 🙂


  4. You are a busy one! I love the idea of selling your photographs. I paint, and I put some on ebay a few years ago …. and I sold one! I was so excited. It just felt so validating. Good luck to you! 🙂


  5. It’s been blowing a gale and bucketing rain here all weekend. There have been tornadoes further north (unheard of here) and major flooding as well. All this is a result of Tropical Cyclone Oswald which crossed the Gulf of Carpentaria and then travelled down the east coast of Queensland, wreaking havoc along the way. We have had more than 250 mm or 10 inches of rain since Friday night. What does all this mean? Perfect weather for staying inside and blogging and facebooking because I wasn’t going out in it!





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