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Marsha Lee Not So Famous Go Cart Racer in Greater Sacramento

Yes, I did.  I came in 98.45% of over 2,000,000 go-cart racers in speed!!!  I have the paperwork to prove it!!!  OK J was 99.96%.  Here’s the big difference.  He came in #1 in our heat, and I came in ……

SFW Sac Go Cart Racing053

SFW Sac Go Cart Racing052

Here’s a few shots from the sidelines of the track.  J raced three times.  He’s wearing brown pants, and was #1 all three times.  He even got better each time.

SFW Sac Go Cart Racing003 SFW Sac Go Cart Racing009 SFW Sac Go Cart Racing016 SFW Sac Go Cart Racing020

The flags were very important.  Most people know that the white flag is the last lap, and the checkered flag means the race is over.  I got the blue flag a lot.  That meant someone was in back of me wanting to get around me. “Move over to the right, Slow Poke!!!”  So, like the polite driver I am, I did.  I guess everyone passed me.  Only one person bumped me, but V got bumped and spun around.  I sure don’t know how HE beat me!!!

SFW Sac Go Cart Racing030

The dress code was a little strange.  I expected a helmet, but not a sock cap that went over everything but your eyes and nose.  I accidentally threw mine away at the end, but the guys were really nice.  You can see it sticking out below the helmet on this guy.

SFW Sac Go Cart Racing037

Sitting in these low go carts wasn’t as bad as it looks for an old person like me.  I was glad V was along, or I would have been the only old person there in that heat!  I was the only woman.  You drive it a little differently than a car.  The right foot pedal is go and the left is brake.  The cars have governors on them, so the race way guys stop your car sometimes, or makes it go very slowly.  Then, all of the sudden, you just take off, full speed.  NO control!!!

SFW Sac Go Cart Racing041

Dad gave it up after one race even though he paid for three times.  He watched PROUDLY as his son won every race.  V was really glad I raced.  He was #9.  There were 10 racers.

If you haven’t guessed already, V’s Son, J, will soon turn 43.  Of course, I’m WAY too young smart to have had a son THAT old!!  My pride is the only thing that keeps J as a step-son rather than granting him full sonship.  I bore him when HE was 25.  OUCH!!!

SFW Sac Go Cart Racing051

So….I have a racing card now.  I’m registered in the system.  So how about you?  Want to go with us next time?

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    • A suit!!! hahaha. But, you don’t get dirty unless you fall out, I suppose. It was freezing in there, so you wouldn’t get sweaty!! Why not. I’ll have to remember to wear a suit next time!!! hahaha. JK I got rid of most of my suits! I don’t want to be wearing the same suits I had when I was working, and it’s 10 years down the road. Too vain for that!!! 🙂


    • Hi Kathy, I wasn’t very aggressive either. And people think I’m such a fast aggressive driver (woman) hahaha! I guess that’s just on the highway in front of the California Highway Patrol. 🙂


  1. Well done Marsha!! I have never tried a go-kart but have raced a pelican while I was on a beach in a beach buggy on the Gulf of California in Mexico. Does that count? Ralph xox


    • That sounds like even more fun! Autty wold love it. Was she in the buggy, too??? I can see that I am going to have to keep posting. I seriously thought I would take a week or two off, but no post, no Ralph!!! BLAH!!! xox to you, too! 🙂 ML


    • hmmmm Maybe when I’m on the internet, but when J’s around, I don’t think he will call me that!!! My neighbor that I passed on the way home one night might, though!!! hahaha 🙂


  2. It’s time for Felion to babble on in. Done this years ago with my stepson. He came along at nearly six years old, not quite yours at 25. Found out fast the adventures of an instant family!!

    42 mph seems plenty fast for that track there. I might have wimped out, but of course SmilingToad would have insisted Sir try it anyway.

    Glad you took the plunge and stuck it out. V seemed to have padded away from the adventure!

    A new blog entry is imminent; please stand by,,,


    • Hi Sir,
      So glad you’re back. I was just wondering where your Babs has been. I think an instant family with a 6 year old might have been a lot more adventurous, but maybe not!!! Hard to say when it didn’t happen to me. J has been quite an adventure. ie racing right along. When V and I married 17 years ago, J was in the army. A few months later he came to live with us. In the meantime, right after my first husband died, I thad taken in a 17 year old high school senior girl who had been living with another teacher. She moved out when V and I got married, but soon moved back in. Then J moved in. It was QUITE an adventure. V hadn’t been married for more than 7 years total out of J’s 25 years. J had never had a mother. T(the girl) had never had a father or a brother, and her mother had been abusive, and I had never had children. Yes, that was all the adventure I could handle. I had a two bedroom home and a motor home. T lived in the motor home, and J took T’s room in the house. T and J would watch TV in J’s bedroom with the door closed while I was having a heart attack in the other room, and V was saying, “Don’t worry, I know my son.” Fortunately V was right! He knew his son, and J has turned out to be a great son. T, on the other hand, grew up, married, and had 3 children and lives on your side of the country. Whew – it’s crazy just writing it!!

      OK, I have officially become Babs!!!! Tell her to write to me soon. I miss her!!!! So glad you’re on board with blogging, though!!! Lots of love!! Marsha L.


      • What a storied life you all have led!! I and Babs met and corresponded with a 20’s young man, Thome, on the net through a poetry posting site. After many months of debate and phoning Thome and his dad, went up into Appalachia in KY to bring him to FL and a new life from the grievious poverty and dirt floor existence there. We took a major chance-he is working here in FL and has a place of his own (dad helps from KY) and loves it here. He lived with us for part of a year till he got pushed out and found people would help if just asked, for job and place.

        I love how you adopted the girl and gave her a home to launch a life from.

        Babs posted another blog entry lately and is getting back on. She is a little under the weather but is getting over it.


        • What a great story. Babs had written about him once. That’s when I asked her who Sir was, I think. Yes, I’ve led a relatively colorful life glittering with friends and interesting experiences! As have you, kind Sir! ML


  3. Wonderful tale! I can just imagine this, TOO groovy, you and V and J all whirling around, and poor V spinning on the track. That used to happen to Sir rather frequently. Reminds me indeed of old go-carting days with my very Irish, bright red-headed cousin. No helmets, and how red he would get (in the face) when I lapped him 😉 more than once, doing one-handed driving in order to hold my sparkly hat in place. I never noticed whether or not I was the only lass….Fabulous account, love the photos. TOO fun! Cheers,

    Autumn Jade


    • Rules AJ, We could’t just use one hand. We HAD to wear the helmet AND the sock on our heads – too funny. J had the best time. He lapped everyone. I didn’t lap a soul!!! 😦 Good to hear from you. I’m hoping things are going well for you my fun blogging friend. Sir is doing well with his blogging. 🙂 Lots of love to you and Sir. 🙂 ML


      • Aye, it was a grand groovy time. I would have cruised beside you the whole time 😉

        Aye, I have been battling with some nasty sinus-infections, lately, I fear, but am so happy to cursitate about your delightful blog, of which, I have so missed.

        It looks like we may be out in West Coast late Febuary, possibly. There is a conference we want to go to, and then take a couple days to cruise about. The conference is in Portland. I’ll keep you updated as plans form.

        Cheers lass,

        Autumn Jade


        • If I can get away at that time, I’ll come up and see you. My brother lives up there. That would be awesome!!!
          I ‘m sorry you have been sick. I think everyone is a little blogged down this month. Ralph is blog-tired. I’m tired, too, and busy, so I haven’t been spending as much time staying up all hours of the night blogging around the universe to blog on others! Blog, blog, blog. My Australian friends are battling the heat and now are back to school, and we are battling the cold!!! It’s a small world, but all the pieces of it have such different weather reports!!! Marsha 🙂


          • Oh marvelous, marvelous! You are so very thoughtful dear lass! Perhaps, too, we may meet you much closer if you are available, as we shan’t be in Portland the entire time. Still not a certainty. Right now Sir is in Southern FL. He’s attending an alternative energy course in Miami. Blast him. 😀

            Ah well hope all will be well and back to full blogging power soon. Aye, my Aussie friends are battling that heat as well. Tremendous. Here the weather is up and down. Eighty one day, 60 the next. Shifting winds, barometric pressure up and down. Ah, but the sea is beautiful indeed. Hope you’re warming up with some animated hikes and gambols through camera-toting adventures!


            Old autty


          • We are warming up indeed. It was beautiful today in the 60s. I have been so busy this month, though I don’t know if I am coming or going. I am taking pictures, but mostly just to document meetings I’m attending. Nothing too artistic, BUT I did open an account with Fine Art America to start selling some of my photos. Then I hopped over to Leanne’s this morning, and took a look at a real photographer and she was doing some magnificent things to turn good photos into magnificent photos. It will come, though! I am working hard at learning lots of things! I met a new blogger, Steve something who reminded me of my dad – in his photographing, and his writing. He reminded me of some of the mechanics of photography.

            I have missed you Autty. I’m glad you’re back. Take care, and don’t over do it, though.

            Lots of Love, Marsha 🙂


          • Fine Art America?? Excellent!!!

            I’d like to see this Steve’s blog, sounds wonderful.

            Oh YES Leanne is da masta, indeed. I adore her work!!!

            Sometimes I quite painfully miss film. I am thinking of picking up one like the old one we used to have at the pawn shoppe and doing a few film photos a month.

            I did not know your dad was a photographer!

            Did you know that I had a great grandfather that was some sort of famous artist? He seemed very fond of painting rocks. I really don’t care for his paintings. Then Sir blithely mentioned to me the other day, “He must have taken thousands of photographs”. WHAT?! A photographer??! No one ever mentioned this to me…Now those photos I would like to see!!!! I am now demanding he write to his mother about them.

            All right….I’m not really demanding.

            Here it is exquisite out, 70s. Beautiful. Perfect biking and kayaking weather.


          • Wonderful. Kayaking sounds so much fun! A group of us went in Monterey Bay once. It was fun, but I had no idea that my shoes would get wet. I hadn’t brought an extra pair. So when they id get wet, and I had nothing else to wear i walked around squishily for a while, then took my shoes off. Unfortunately I was with my boss, and my bosses’ boss, and the bunch of us decided to go into a restaurant. I had to sneak in because you know the rule, no shoes, no shirt, no service. The rest of the consultants laughed at me because I looked like a drown rabbit. It was funny, and I did have a great time, and no one threw me out of the restaurant for not having shoes!!!

            🙂 Marsha 🙂


          • Haha oh poor lass! Ah, Monterey Bay, I would have loved that!! I am glad it turned out so well, despite soggy-shoe syndrome. Haha oh dear….and with so many bosses afoot, as well, what a thing to happen. Your attitude is TOO groovy. Any misadventure is seen as an opportunity for joy and laughter.

            Aye, it is always a sopping-footed affair, Kayaking!! I go at it barefoot or with water shoes, have hiking shoes packed in case of beaching the thing for an adventure on an island. I really have to have a good attitude for my kayaking adventures for as soon as I enter the water with the thing, I am drawing attention to myself, bobbing around in a giant, lemon-yellow, blow-up kayak wanna-be. I find it absolutely hilarious, and most other boaters also find the sight rather entertaining. I’d LOVE to bring Basil, the speckled cat, with me, as he adores boats, water, and adventure, but that would really be a sight….cat-claws puncture bloatie, sinking, sinking, frantic wet cat swimming with tiny head above surface, climbs onto manatee back, yowling miserably, bloatie bubbles out of sight, I’m splashing about trying to rescue cat…..swim-by dolphin terrorises cat with blast of misty air and teasing flap of fluke, boats suddenly crawling all over the place, choking canal, snapping photos and taking youtube videos, unable to believe their luck at coming across such a sight….oh dear….


          • You are an amazing adventure woman!!! I can picture you in your kayak with a CAT!!! Yikes! Even my dog would put holes in the floaty Kayak. You really ought to write children’s stories, complete with pictures of these adventures. Kids would go nuts and roll on the floor with laughter over these adventures. Especially if the adventures were told from the perspective of the poor cat swimming with dolphins, indeed!!! How fun. Youhave to write this now!!!

            I’m a little afraid to go by myself in a kayak after being in one one time 12 years ago!! V is NOT a boat person. He hates going on boats. I should have checked that out a little better before we got married, but he was too cute! 🙂 ML


          • Har har haw, yes, I sooo love adventure.

            Oh yes, groovy idea!! I used to write illustrated children’s stories years ago. One story featured a fox named Fly with a personality identical to Ralph’s personality. Uncanny. I’ve gone back and looked at dialogue- it is like reading a comment directly from Ralph!

            When I was wee, I could very much sympathise with poor V’s abhorrence for boating. I used to be terrified. Then, I overcame it, and cannot get enough water-based adventure. I am addicted.

            Aye he is very adorable, from the photos! You are both such dolls!

            Oh blast the hoary kitten is wailing for me to come out of my “office” to play, so I must depart,

            Autumn Jade


          • Don’t let your hoary kitty get hoary hair on you!!! I’m glad you got over your fear of boats. I can’t wait for you to come to Portland. I am definitely going up there to see you, and we’ll have to drum up a boat somewhere! And I must read the story with the Ralph character in it. How fun would that be?!! Lots of love, go play!!! 🙂


          • The visage is thoroughly plastered with hoary fur, too late….his grey-blue eyes twinkled away, pink mouth agape, spilling pitiful warbling cries. I believe this kitten believes he is part bird. Oh yes, we shall so enjoy some sort of aquatic adventure, sounds grand!!


          • No better place to aquatify than Portland. There are two major rivers that converge around that beautiful city, the Willamette, with the accent on am, and the Columbia, the bigger more rough and tumbly of the two. I learned to waterski on the Willamette, smooth as silk, and runs right through downtown Portland. I warn you though it’s beautiful in July. Not so much in January! 🙂 ML


          • You forget that you are talking to an old Irish briny lass- where gloom is beautiful, grey and murky turbid greens are the most beloved colours, and one can only think when there is a frigid hoary fog, a mist of freezing rain, and a brooding metallic firmament above. 😉 And there is NOTHING more thrilling than water-slaked rocks, a penetrating wind, and dark, wintry water, fulgent and platinum-plated with toothy white-capped waves snapping at the edge of one’s rickety old bloaty kayak. 😀


          • Hmmm….I’m a reveler, that is what I am. No matter where I am, I always find something to marvel, revel and rave about. XD We once went for a very brief visit back to the old town near Chicago- I showed some old pals of mine this perfect prairie nestled right within the route they take bustling through their daily lives that they were completely oblivious to. It is a majestic prairie, so peaceful….makes that place so much better, even inspiring and hopeful, with its waves of blue-grass and wild flowers bending in the roving wind, its beautiful song birds, warblers, finches…its coyotes, foxes, and deer, and its view of the town below and exquisite sunsets and sunrises, seen from atop that glorious praire that even towers over the state forest beyond- how I found contentment, to go to the praire, and then to recede into the forest, and these pals did not even know it existed! WHA? Drive by it every day….never thought to turn in there and investigate! I used to attempt to get them to go with me over the years, I got one to go with on the visit back. One can view a place as a negative miserable abyss, and miss such things, negativity staining one’s sight, or one can always be on the look out for something to revel at and marinate in the permeating beauty of- even in the dreariest places there is always something beautiful to be astounded by. And I know I’m going to regret this rambling comment, fingers going very rapidly, listening to Sir telling me he is retiring and babbling on about the John Lennon art exhibits and baby owl showers at the same time, and I realise that I have not touched my evening lime water poised placidely on the table beside me. Ah whale, sending it off anyhow! Cheers,

            Autumn Jade


          • True, true, but I’m glad to have you back with your rambling and ignoring your lime water!!! I remember that episode – Walk away from the lime water….. Have a nice evening Autty!!! 🙂 Tell Sir hi for me 🙂


          • You and Sir do likewise. I’ll be looking forward to your next posts!!! Tell Sir to check your kayak before you take it out again. It seems like tiger claws have been seen near by sharpening themselves on plastic floatables. 🙂 ML


          • Hahahaha Right-ho! Just read this. Too fun. I will be sure to put Sir into the scratched up bloatie. Poor Sir….and then of course I will snap many photos as he sinks with the ship….

            I was gator-hunting, aka swamping today. Would have probably found them had I remembered to bring the kayaks. No gators, but plenty of fish and I of course took a spill into canal that soggified the shoes XD It was WONDERFUL! I am SO looking forward to posting every other day, but yet another obstacle! My external drives are dying, which, is a weeee bit disturbing. My darlings, er, I mean, diamonds, er uh no no, I mean, my photos!!! You should have seen me this morning when my large drive decided failing was going to be a fun trick to play on non-machine bumbling human. I was a very pathetic puling mewling, sobbing on the floor, simpering, sniveling sight. Of course, then I ran out the door to quickly accumulate even more photos that now wonder where their next home will be..har har. AH whale….

            S. Toad 😀


          • Argh! Eternal drives dying. I hope those aren’t the only places all your pictures are stored!!! Get them on the cloud ASAP! And on your hard drive, and on the external drive. You DON’T want to lose those precious pictures!!! 🙂 Then you will be sniveling!!! And I will be, too just thinking about the enormous loss to humanity! 🙂 ML


    • It was, but by the end of the race, I was ready to stop. It was stressful. V got bumped and spun around. I got bumped once, but they didn’t spin me around!!! 🙂





Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, a retired educator and wife of a retired realtor. My all-consuming hobby is blogging and it has changed my life. My friends live all over the world. In November 2020, we sold everything and retired to the mile-high desert of Prescott, AZ. We live less than five miles from the Granite Dells, four lakes, and hundreds of trails with our dog, Kalev, and two cats, Moji and Nutter Butter. Vince's sister came with us and lives close by. Every day is a new adventure.

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