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Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions (Doompocalypse Redux)

In essence there is a 97.3% probability that any one of us could have three months or three minutes more to live with or without a gigantic asteroid, meteor, renegade planet, or star residue knocking at our door.  If I think I only have that much time left to live, do I bother to plan at all?  Probably not.  I’m looking around me thinking, what should I do?  I can plan for right now at least.

Giant asteroid heads towards Earth

So here’s my daily list first.

  1. Write my blog for the day.  Wait!  Who’s talking to me now?  I’d better check my comments, Facebook, and email accounts.  It might be important. No, I’m not ADHD, I saved my draft first before I checked my comment box.
  2. I would like to finish the two books I’m reading this morning.  What?  It’s 10:15 already!  How did that happen.  I’ll finish the Elephant Whisperer first because it’s shorter, and such an adventure.  Then after I write a review of that one, I’ll head back to Winter of the World by Ken Follet, and write a review of that.  I don’t think I can get both of them finished.  hmmm  OK, cross off Ken and put him on my week’s goal.
  3. Finish unfinished projects:  different organization’s assignments, knitting, photography, new posts  Ops, too ambitious…
  4. Go visit my blog friends – the ones I didn’t get to already this morning.  Write lots of comments, steal ideas get inspired.  That’s doable.
  5. Take a lunch break.  I’m hungry already.  I forgot to take my diet pill.  Maybe I’d better stop right now and start fixing lunch!  V are you hungry yet?  It’s almost 11:00. a.m.   OK 10:15, but that’s close.
  6. Spend some spiritual time with God.  Maybe He will consider removing the asteroid threat.  I’ll ask anyway.
  7. Plan my next trip before the world blows up.  I’ll do that this evening.
  8. Keep up with household chores.  V were you going to vacuum this morning?  OK, he’s going to do that, so I can cross that one off.
  9. √Get dressed for the day.  I’ll bathe later.  If Ralph only needs 3 baths a year I guess skipping a day or two won’t make any difference, huh?  V have you started your bath yet?  OK, I have to wait till he’s done anyway, so I’ll skip that one.  No, I’ll go ahead and leave it on the list.  I probably SHOULD get dressed.  Let’s see my clothes I wore yesterday are right here on the floor.  sniff, sniff  Yeah, they’re clean enough.  There.  I can check that off.

  1. I’m back.  I decided to take a bath after all.  After I learn how to change the numbering on WP, I’m going to need to take a nap this afternoon so I can stay up and blog all night when I get free gigabytes.
  2. Take Kalev for a walk.  That should be number  V did you take Puppy Girl out this morning???  OK, she should be good until after lunch.
  3.  V are you going to want dinner tonight?  You ate quite a bit of cake yesterday.  OK then I can cross off making dinner?  Good.  Back to my book.

That about does it for the day.  Now for the week.

  1. Start writing my first book.  Spend at least 5 hours a day including building my blog, reading, and research and revising.  Ops I need to go back and revise my daily list…
  2. Get daily household chores done.
  3. Pack for trip with the History Girls on Friday.  Make sure I have plenty of clean underwear, and new PJs.  Better have some new jeans, too.  So I’d better go shopping, put gas in the car, and get it serviced, and go to the store.
  4. Have friends over for dinner one night – or maybe they will ask us to come over.  I’ll call and find out.  Wait, that won’t work.  It’s almost Wednesday.  I need at least a week to plan for company.
  5. One hour a day exercising.
  6. Attend one hour of church.
  7. Clean out my Kindle so I can get new books.
  8. Do something unselfish.  Wait that should be number 1.  Hmmm  Well, I’ll change it if I get around to it.

Now for the month.  I think I did this backwards.  Good planning involves planning backwards. No Problem!  I’ll just go ahead and write all this stuff, then switch it all.  It should match ok.  But wait!!!  I’m not trying to change the world, just pass time until the world ends.  I’m just going to leave it this way.

  1. Go to all my meetings.
  2. Watch 2-3 good movies
  3. Read 4-5 good books and write reviews on some of them to help me remember that I read them in case the world doesn’t end.
  4. Send out my Christmas letter to all my far away friends that don’t use Facebook.
  5. Bank my timeshare points in case the world doesn’t end, and I don’t get to travel all over the world this year.  I’ll think ahead for next year later.
  6. Get my hair done.
  7. pay the bills – oh wait, they’re all scheduled already.  I’m good!
  8. Attend 4-5 hours of church.
  9. Think of something generous to do for the world.

Guess that’s it for the month.  Now for the year.

  1. Create a new blog – Focus on SOMETHING.  Get Freshly Pressed.
  2. Continue expanding this blog until it explodes.  I’m at 61% capacity on January 1st.
  3. Finish writing one book.  Bury the first copy.
  4. Go on two -3 major trips.  Blog about them.
  5. Bury some artifacts in case a few humans survive the blast, and want to know about life in California.
  6. Decide what house projects to complete.  Start with underground shelter deep and well reinforced enough to protect us from asteroid impact.   Pack it with clothes for all weather types in case the climate changes.  Include gas masks, flame retardant suits, and plenty of parkas and thermal underwear.  Oh yes and food and a generator.  Allot at least $100,000 on it so I can spend down my life’s savings before it goes up in smoke!!

Featured Blog

Featured Blog

Today my choice is Mixed Up Meme’s blog.  Today she’s dancing with Sydney Fong.  I’m jealous.  I’ve been following Meme for a while.  She writes poetry and puts her words to music!!!  Sometimes she just records a song we all know and love.  She blogs all over the world, and yet she visits me very regularly, and leaves nice comments in my babble box.  I find myself just thinking about her during the day the way you do your good friends.  You know, “I think I should put this in my blog.  Meme would get a kick out of it…”  That kind of thing.  Why is that?  Mostly I think because Meme cares.  It matters to Meme.  So it matters to me.  So amble on over to Meme’s blog and say howdy.  Tell her Marsha Lee sent you!  🙂

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  1. You found the time to blog today!! Loved this one. You make great lists. I read Winter of the World. Love Ken Follett. Pillars of the Earth and World Without End are my two favorite books, ever.


    • Hi Diane,
      You are certainly welcome to join me! You just never know when you’re going to need one. I’m not sure V has read this yet, so I don’t think he knows about his newest project. You are too young to remember the 1950-60s when people in the U.S. actually built these things. And we had school bomb drills, and we would line up in the school hallways, and cover our heads with our hands as we rolled our bodies up in a little balls lined up along the hallway wall. We had a full basement with a little room that was also a darkroom, but it had a few cans of food in case of a bomb or a tornado. 🙂


      • Now that would have been scary. I’ve seen a few movies where people have built bomb shelters in the US – in fact I think they still do. I was watching a show called doomsday preppers recently that was way out there 😉


        • I was watching that as well – briefly. I think they are nuts! That was what this post was all about, really, but I don’t think I communicated that really well.


    • Dance for the 30s? Sure… I’d love to. 1-2-3-4!! Or is it a 1 and a 2 and a 3? Now that’s WAY before YOUR time. If you watched TV when I was a kid, those words will start music playing in your head, bubbles popping in your eyes, and connect with someone very famous in THOSE days! (not the 30s, though!!!!) I’m not 80!!!!! LOL 🙂


  2. Wow you are a busy body, so much on those lists….. I rather just have one item per day and put the vacuuming, making dinner, getting dressed, having a shower, feeding the animals and kids in between. It looks too much otherwise……and have a bit of fun and laughter each day! … Hmmmm I better get dressed now……


    • Hi lovely Ute,
      Of course you are right – one item – but then I would have lost the humor that consumes my NORMAL day every day. But I guess I didn’t communicate the humor part very well – so better to have stuck to one item for each day –
      SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE all the way to March!

      What WOULD one do if the world was ending in March – FOR SURE??? It makes one think!!!
      Smiles and lots of love for 2013 (until March when we all DIE!!!!) 🙂 🙂


      • Is the world supposed to end again?????? I am fed up with these promises not being kept.
        My son said don’t buy a 2013 calendar , waste of money, since the world was supposed to end on 21st dec. So I left all the housework and enjoyed myself. Waking up on 22nd dec and I had to clean and wash and oh dear do everything which needed doing……..only joking.. 🙂


        • Yes, the world is to end soon according to the prompt. I had to look up the title on the prompt as well, just to make sure. That’s why my long lists don’t mean much! If the world ends – why do housework, why buy a calendar? You would think. However, they obviously didn’t have our King James or New International Version of the Bible to read, or they (or anybody else) would predict the end of the world. If jesus is to be believed, he flat out tells us that no one knows when the world will end. So choose your predictions. – no prediction or prediction after prediction!
          🙂 Lots of love – sorry for the rant!!! 🙂


  3. Whew! I’m exhausted from reading your list. Take it easy! Will your shelter have room for friends? I’ll bring wine and cheese.


  4. This reminds me of some of my own plans for the year, week, months to come. Not exactly identical, however…I MUST read Elephant Whisperer!! Adooore elephants. I nearly tripped over a dolphin last night by the way. Elephants always remind me of dolphins. Yes, another foot, and I would have been stumbling right over his dorsal fin. The dolphin’s, not an elephants. I should clean up the grammar when I am typing to you. Anyhow, the force showed up. I was in a park during this incident. I decided not to tell them about nearly tripping over dolphins, might get a dolphin harassment charge. Anyhow, they were reminding me that park was nearly closed. I knew this, I was on my languid way back to the car. I had my camera around my neck, which automatically makes me look like harmless, so the police were very smiley. Might have been the jaunty hat…too…Anyhow, the dolphin went on his way and so did I. The waters were scintillating, lights of a great mansion on the lagoon pooling in the ripples. I was saying my last goodbye to this past season’s Christmas lights, gathering my thoughts for the organisation of all this year’s goals, and enjoying the wonder of the moment, even as giant strobes were whirling in my direction and “Ho! You there!” was being bugled from every direction. P.S. I love your new header, beautiful, and I’m also excited about your coming book and your new blog. So many laughs as I read this. I sooo enjoy your humour dear lass. Sending a “hallooo” to V and Kalev. Ta la,

    Autumn Jade

    Another P.S. is this my first comment to you this year??? I see you made Ralph’s #1 commenter, proud of you dear lass. 😉 Cheers!!


    • Oh my goodness, all those beastly grammar mistakes! Haw haw har…I was typing 158 a minute I believe. XD Well, hopefully you won’t want to lacerate my soul over it. Cheers and smiles,

      Your old pal, (wishing, oh wishing she was one of the history gal gang)

      Autty Jade


    • Yes, I made Ralph’s #1, you made mine, and Ralph made Ute’s. how did you almost trip on a dolphin while walking to your car??? I must go back and reread that!


      • Well, you see I was way at the farthest end of the park, strolling along the water, winding my way back. There were various banks jutting into the water, raised roots, mini-bluffs and so forth. I was gamboling along like a billy-goat, hopping about in complete darkness apart from glittering waters. I could hear the exhalations of our aquatic companion, the “humans of the sea” and became very jubilant and went spilling onto a raised sandbar that jutted into the water, and then there was a blast nearly in my face and I almost went stomping right into the water spilling right over our dear dolphin. A fish flapped almost in my face- it was clear the dolphin was having an evening snack. This really was lead back to the car. XD


      • So funny…if it were not for your mentioning Elephant Whisperers, I doubt I would have remembered this dolphin incident and then you would be so very dolefully deprived. Well now you are safely-furnished with the tale and I am thus content.


        • You are the best story teller of all. But my blog friends are the ones who get to hear the stories. I try to make sure I leave a story for your friends in Blogville, FL as well, but mine don’t hold a candle to yours. So again, I say, I am the Luckiest blogger in the Blogosphere. 🙂


  5. Geez, Luiz! This is a lot of planning!!! No not me, Ma’am. You even have a plan for the whole year! Bwahahahaha. My brain is going to explode just like your blog is going to thinking about my to-do list. I just can’t do it this way. Well, knowing what you want and need is the way to go in life.
    Burying some artifacts …… Bwahahahahahahaha!
    I hope you erase that mentality of blogging to get Freshly Pressed, esp. now that they over-think the ins and outs of what to posts to feature.


    • haha – this whole post was supposed to be funny! I’m either NOT funny, or WAY too subtle! However, I do plan for a year because I have had to all my years of being in education. We start planning events and things a year in advance or they come off smooth as a saw blade. 🙂


  6. Wow. What a post ! Saving the planet from a mega asteroid by bathing in a tin tub. Should make a splash between the rubber duck and her big toe as it hits. Create a few ripples and probably lap over onto the floor, but the planet will be saved. A heroine of the Lady Godiva stock, brave and fearless until the soap slips out of her hand and is lost below the bubbles. Then a wriggling panic sets in. Your revolutions are safe Marsha. Oh, by the way, who is going to be in the tub when it hits? Just asking 😉


    • I don’t think the tub is out to hit anyone, Ralph. It’s not a dress! it’s a TUB! You know rub – a – dub – dub, three men – ops my mistake – 1 woman in a tub – type tub. A total pacifist tub. LOL 🙂


      • The idea of commenting is to react to the post in one way or the other and the host replies with a dainty smile and hug. What do I get…..a reply to a comment made in my blog…!! But you realised the error of your ways, MARSha, and redressed your mistake admirably. Which is best the green tub or the red one ? 😉


        • Who says I wasn’t wearing a dainty smile? You can see it in my picture. I definitely do not reply to everyone with a hug, as I reserve them for special occasions, not to be given out ad nausuem. I don’t have a magic carpet red, green or blue with which to ride past the asteroid into unchartered territories – MARS, for instance… hmmm I wonder what color tubs they use there? Maybe that’s the place that has 3 men in one tub. I’d bet it’s red. I don’t know, I can’t see it from where I stand. 🙂 (no hugs today, just smiles) 🙂 🙂

          P.S. V is wondering how he can get some of those women on your website that give them out so freely to stop by his email and give him some Xs and Ox. LOL MARS – HA!!!





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