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Palm Desert Art Festival

Most of the time I don’t actually DO anything.  I go places and look at stuff, and I listen to people, and I talk, both verbally and in writing.  Since I met y’all I also take pictures so that you can shadow me as I don’t do anything.

When the History Ladies (that’s my friends and I)  got to Palm Desert, Debbie thought I might enjoy walking through the La Quinta art festival.  This is a timely post because if you like the looks of this, and hurry, there is another event on Dec. 1st.  I took so many pictures at this event that there is no way I can show them all.  So I’ll probably divide this post into many posts, or I will include a gallery.  Which would YOU prefer?

I’ll start with an overview of the different booths that caught our eye.  There were so many booths that I only took the ones where either the vendors or the art objects attracted me.

Delores, the MOST friendly jewelry maker

Delores was the first, and by far the most gregarious person we met, located in the first booth as we walked up.  She told us all about the regulations of participating with the La Quinta Arts Foundation.  Everything exhibited has to be hand-made.  There was nothing made in China, but I did meet a vendor who was born in France.

a large variety of hand crafted turquoise and other stone jewelry  “This is an ARTS festival, not a craft show.”  William

Delores insisted that since I was going to blog about the event anyway that her friend  Bill walk us up and introduce us to the coordinators of the event.  They gave us their blessing and introduced us to the La Quinta Arts Foundation website, for which you have a link at the beginning of the post.

my favorite piece of Jeff Davison’s work

Unassuming, friendly, and informative Jeff Davison told us how he took tree stumps, ground turquoise and filled in the gaps in the wood grain, and held it together with a resin.  My favorite item had no particular purpose, unlike the many bowls, but the differences in texture and color drew it to me.

Jeff Davison, woodworker

Jason, the metal worker

Next we stopped in to see Jason.  I immediately began taking pictures because Jason was busy with numerous customers.  He stopped me and gave me an etiquette lesson on photography before he said hello.  In spite of my photographic over-exuberance he forgave us when we both purchased a piece of his work.

Bronze cast statues by Frank and Marie Barbera

A husband and wife team produced the next exhibit that I liked.  She wasn’t there, and her husband did not want to be photographed, but he told me how they work.  She is the sculptor.  She produces the work in clay, makes a mold ifrom that, and then they cast the bronze statue.  He takes over and paints the statue.

Slate candles

My friend Debbie liked the next booth that had clean burning slate candles.  You never have to replace the wick, and the oil burns perfectly clean.

Canvas paintings marine waterproofed for durability

V would have loved these painted umbrellas by Garrison.  I loved the vivid colors against the clear blue sky.  They also had placemats and pillows painted on canvas and treated to be waterproof.

Dominique Blanchard sits pensively waiting for buyers.

Dominique Blanchard, a French artist living in California for more years than many of you are old (even though he is still young), still retained his accent.  His colors of copper and turquoise attracted me to his booth.  Although not necessarily my favorite piece, his use of figure/ground in this piece made it interesting.  What seemed unique to me was the bumpy texture and the resin coating.  Someone else liked it as well.  It was sold when I got there.

Elliott Newton , the Potter of La Quinta, happily sold his favorite piece today, so we didn’t get to see it.

The most unique pieces will be shown in another post.

As the sun was just starting to go down, these two exhibits above became the most exquisite under the umbrellas.  The glass blowers were a little hesitant to let me photograph their work because other glass blowers go online and steal ideas off websites.  So if you are a glass blower reading my non-glassblowing site, please DO NOT create one of these works of art.

High heat crystal glazes by Elliott Newton

Elliott Newton explained how his high temperature glaze creates crystals as it bakes.  The crystals made the already beautiful pieces come to life as the sunlight reflected off them.

Clothing Creator/Vendor

Finally I saw this elegantly dressed woman standing in a booth, and asked if the booth was hers.  She was visiting from the booth across the walkway which was hand-made clothing.  I probably couldn’t have afforded to wear any of the pieces she displayed, but I thought she looked interesting.

Of course what are art festivals without guests.  These pair of poodles posed and performed for the camera, sitting and lying down on demand.

Doggie Display of Discipline

Clearly this visitor was not enthralled with having to come to the exhibit.  He needs a camera.  Cameras even make car shows interesting!!!

Claim your happy husband here.

I’m guessing that his lucky wife is shopping behind him, and he’s turning his back to ensure that he can’t see what she’s buying him for his birthday.  OK, I admit it, I don’t REALLY think THAT.  He’s probably just hungry.

So did you enjoy the Arts Under the Umbrellas Festival?  In another post, I can give you more pictures of each display – or not, if you’re tired of looking at art for now.  I could do a gallery, or I could even create individual pages for separate artists.  It’s all easy if my internet works.

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    • It was, and yesterday we were at Pike’s Place Market. I only had my cell phone, so I hope the pictures turn out well. I tried to catch the fish throwing, and I had trouble timing my shutter snapping. I loved the fruits and vegetables. Wonderful.


    • Awwwww. I had to pet both the babies, but I didn’t get in their faces and hugh them. Hard to do with a camera around your next, and the ground so close – that’s as I’m trying to stand back up from a crouch – very dangerous for lenses!!!


      • Yes, I weighed such dangers, and decided to dive right in and go for it. I really had no choice, smiling dogs tend to lure me to the ground rather quickly and we often embrace. My jeans became quite bedrabbled, if that is the word I want. Thankfully as I crawled around, no one asked if I was hurt or needed assistance. Usually my crawling around, even with a camera, inspires the sporatic helper in people. Mango was marvelous. There was an absolutely gorgeous little Boston Terrier too, I wanted to snag him and hide him in my camera bag as I walked off. One bloke held onto the reins and was pulled on his skateboard by his two dogs. He looked to be about fifty, not 15 as one might expect. It was an intriguing sight. Another woman had her canine companion happily nestled in a nice little dog stroller, a cocker spaniel of course. An English bulldog also lumbered forth. Another bloke was walking 6 dogs at once, and I got to thinking I should try that with the cats and rabbits. If I could get them all to go forward in union….yes….


  1. I roared at the husband bit at the end. I am elated with this post! I am also in the same predicament. I went to an annual arts and crafts fest just today, going to an arts fest and book fair tomorrow, and am trying to decide- one post with gallery, individual posts for artists? I’m thinking I will do an overview post first, then some separate posts for individuals I met. I met two lassies you would have LOVED, we were brimming with the jocularity. Oh well, you shall see in coming future. I loved this, what Beautiful art! I did not know that about glass-blowers, most abominable. Fabulous job here. Cheers,

    Autumn Jade


    • Thanks, I passed by that man several times, and he was like a statue. He never moved, so finally I couldn’t resist any longer. I had to snap his picture. He never said a word. I didn’t ask, and he didn’t tell me I couldn’t, so there we were with him ending up becoming famous on my site, and never knowing it. I like the overview. It went well, I think. The bowls have been the only one that I think people want to see more of (pardon my preposition). I have been so busy recently going so many directions, that I have not had time to finish all the posts I planned to write. Good thing we have a vacation coming up – oh that’s right, I’m retired!


      • Aye, aye, I’m going for the overview, as well. Some artists are waiting on me to send them photos I took of their work, oh dear, falling behind. So many kinds of falling for this lassie. 🙂 One lady I can only contact via phone, or snaily-mail. So, I’m going to send her some photos in the mail. I had TOO much fun with her, she was a riot. I immediately thought of you as we roared together.

        I must say, quite an intriguing visage on that bloke, I’d love to scrawl him on some art boxes, with some other aloof characters, so he is not alone. Perhaps even on a stool. Then his face can be a part of the art in an art fest. Think of how his fame may expand, and he would have no idea…so sad…perhaps his wife would come across the display and buy one. Cheers, lass,

        Autumn Jade


        • I thought about that today even. What if someone recognizes him, like a missing person photo blasted out on the internet, and he reads it! Yikes. I hope HE never sees it! I just couldn’t resist because I know I look like that at car shows sometimes!!!


          • HAHA I know the feeling…at a car show for me would be, ooo fun some classic corvettes, let’s photograph, few cars into it, getting glazed, few more cars, Old man twiddling with his purple Shriner hat tassle keeps pestering me, oh buzz off, few more yet, completely stunned and 100% like bloke in photo.


          • There you go, you must have seen me. If I have my camera I can stay involved without getting grumpy. In fact I really get into taking pictures of great cars, but no camera, and I could be the female version of my friend at the art festival.


          • Since we are on the topic of missing husbands, me mum Toadgirl aka Jode, lost Sir, one day in a store. Well, she was wont to having him paged to the customer service desk. This time was no different. Paging away, “Steve Faulkner, Steve Faulkner”. She waited patiently, chatting happily away with a nice lass at the desk. She turned around, and two men were before her. Both answered to Steve Faulkner. One, of course, was Sir. The other was quite posh, one that may be apt to play quite a bit of tennis. He was very tanned, athletic. “Someone paged me, was you?” he asked Jode. She flashed a scintillating smile, he flashed one back. Sir looked puzzled, he was emerging from spacy-state and begining to fathom the situation. “Wha? You’re Steve Faulkner? Why, so am I…” Sir said. Jode turned to the lass at the desk and asked in a very solemn, and serious tone, “Now…which one should I choose to take home with me? Hard to decide…”


          • Sounds like she made the right choice!! that is another great story! What are the chances??? I’ve never had THAT happen to me!!! Have a wonderful time with Sir and Jode and your friend, and all the rest of the wonderful people that make up your life.

            V did not want to make a big mess in the kitchen, so he insisted that his sister, C, and I go out for Thanksgiving. 🙂


          • Haha! I guess it only SEEMS we live mirrored lives 😉 A bit fun to imagine how V might react in that situation, har har 😉 Oh brilliant! Have an absolutely grooooovy good time!! We will of course be out adventuring somewhere, tomorrow, and I hope I won’t attract too many rangers or police officers; just wildlife 😉 So exciting, then we’ll have to come back and watch a bit of Nobody’s Fool and weep over those melancholy snow scenes. Cheers to you all!! A most gruntling Thanksgiving indeed! 😀

            Autumn Jade


  2. Great post Marsha, feel like I am there, so many great works. What was the question that Jason asked you? I imagine it had to do with taking photos without asking first, they can be very narky about that, I always ask, that way I don’t get into trouble.


    • Jason didn’t really ask a question, he just suggested that I stop taking pictures until I asked him if it was ok. I felt badly because I know he was totally right.


      • Poor lassie! I am sorry you had to feel bad, ooo I hate that feeling, but so content all was well by the end of your meeting with Jason. I am such a nervous, bumbling bafoon, I’m too scared to snap before I can ask permission, and then I’m all trembly about it even after that. It’s preposterous. I’m trying to improve. That is why I practiced with about twenty booths today. One bloke perched in the backdrop and took photos of the people cursitating about the booths. I mentioned, perhaps in a slightly overly-animated fashion, to one of my newly-made artist friends, as we talked about the photographers at the event, “I definitely should have gotten here many hours earlier! I could have put together a wee hide, worn some trees and bramble and some palm fronds, perhaps a little squirrel on top, and shifted about surreptitiously capturing some glorious shots!!” my new pal said, “Ah, I see your companion here is backing away from you now and is pretending not to know you!”


    • We did. There’s nothing like window shopping out in the open air when it is 75 degrees, sunny, and not windy. Every body was super friendly and super talented. A great time was had by all – except the sad husband with his back to his wife.???





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