Do you prefer to relax or be very active on a vacation?  Ka’anapali Beach Club, one of the Diamond Resorts in Maui, HI, might be a place you would enjoy.

Timeshare traveling – not time traveling  This is taken from V’s favorite table around the pool. 

Timeshare travel differs from regular travel, and there is an art to doing it.  Believe me, that is another skill I am learning as I move forward into retirement.  At age 50 I had never been to Hawaii, never thought I would ever get to go, and was just plain jealous of anyone who had ever been!  Things change.  Friends asked us to cruise around the Hawaiian islands with them.  We landed in Honolulu, Oahu, and visited Kona, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii.  At each island we had several hours to tour, either guided or on our own.  We fell in love with Maui, and during our free time there went on a timeshare tour.  Timeshare sales people in Maui are as ubiquitous as abizia trees.  We were in love with the idea, but not enough to part with tons of our hard earned capital.

We went back the next year with American Express points at the Westin.  The Westin was lovely and we talked them out of making us switch rooms mid-week.  We did not escape the OTHER Timeshare sales people in Lahaina.  Here was the deal, if we agreed to spend 90 minutes with a KBC salesperson, we got a boatload of discounts from the Expedia man.  I love discounts, so we did it.  (He’s still there by the way.)  At that KBC presentation we signed papers to buy a timeshare to come enjoy a scenic view suite in Maui every other year for the cost of only $11,500.  (Much better than $90.000 at the Westin).  Unfortunately for the timeshare woman, we (I) got cold feet, but not so cold that we didn’t want a timeshare.  Actually V’s feet were never even as warm as mine but he accommodates.

So we went back to Lahaina and visited the Timeshare RESALE salesman (different breed).  He sat in his office waiting for people to come to him, and NO free tours of anything.  We bought his KBC timeshare at a fraction of the other timeshare value – NO points – deed only, and he very generously cancelled our first contract with Diamond Resorts for 3,250 points.  That little tidbit of information plays into a future story.

our newly appointed living room in scenic view room 1132

The next year, our first time as owners, we tried to register to use our KBC timeshare, nobody could find a record that V & M existed, we convinced them that we were real, and we really did own a timeshare there.  The next couple of times we used our KBC timeshare, we walked gingerly past the timeshare updaters.  (That also plays into another post about this saga.)  We didn’t want to run into the poor sales woman who was so sweet, and bought our breakfast, and dinner.

The open lobby is filled with gentle breezes, birds chirping and sunburned people year-round.

This is our third visit here.  We loved the place.  It is large, newly furnished and upgraded.  It is not a new hotel.  They are not building many any of those now. KBC used to be Embassy Suites.  There are some downsides – sort of.  KBC doesn’t have a full kitchen like our Westin timeshare experience had.  On the other hand, it didn’t cost $90,000 per week.  It comes with a sink, full refrigerator and electric cooking equipment.  Do you know how much V and I wanted to cook in Hawaii?

our kitchen/dining room area

We have our favorite restaurants, and we try not to eat so much that all we do is eat and sleep.  Believe me that is hard!!!  We use the microwave, but we really don’t miss the stove.  If you have a large family, love to cook, and want to timeshare travel, I would recommend a different resort.  If you do like to cook, and many people are whizzes on the electric frypan, then go to Costco on the way from the airport.  Many people do – we got stuck in the parking lot, and thought we’d never get out.  Costco obviously didn’t contact a feng shui when they designed their parking lot in Maui.

The bedroom opens up to the living area as well as the bath area.

We purchased the one bedroom unit, no frills, no added benefits, no bringing friends or relatives at the same time.  But the bedroom is large and comfortable. This was the best shot I took to get an idea of the layout of the entire suite.  To the right of the dresser is a nice desk looking out on the scenic view, which by the way is a lot less expensive than the ocean view.  Both the closet door and the bathroom door go into the bathroom, so you can access your clothes from the bathroom – a VERY handy feature.

We both loved the bathroom.  I know, who wants to spend time in THERE when you are on a vacation?  Trust me when you come back with your swimming suit filled to the brim with sand because you can’t stand up in the surf, you appreciate the shower.  When you not only can’t stand in the surf, but you can’t get up once you get down, and pounding waves from all directions polish you like a rock or a shell before they toss you out of harm’s way, you appreciate a deep soaking tub.  When you go horseback riding, and can barely get off the poor, sweaty animal, foggily clinging to it until you can stand on your own two whatever they are… You get the picture.  The bathroom takes on importance in gigantic proportions.

Notice the ubiquitous abizias in the foreground. I labeled our room on this trip.

There’s a lot more to tell about this story than you want to read tonight.  However, I warn you, I took notes while I was there, so I wouldn’t forget so much.

Do you want to hear the rest of the story?


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  4. Naomi Baltuck Avatar

    There’s a whole culture to the Timeshare world, especially in Hawaii. It wasn’t w=one of the wisest investments we ever made, but we really do enjoy it. We are in Ka’anapali, too. It is way too fiddly and there are too many rules and deadlines. We figured that we could go to Hawaii for a week whenever we wanted for our yearly maintenance fee, but if it weren’t for the timeshare, we wouldn’t have gotten to Hawaii this summer on our ‘use it or lose’ plan. We do love it there–went snorkeling every day but one, and saw turtles every time. How can you put a price on that?


    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      So many people have told me that they wouldn’t have gone certain places if it weren’t for owning the timeshare! I think that is what timeshare owning does. It COMMITS a family to travel. If that money for maintenance was not paid every year anyway we would find a different use – more pressing, of course – for that money, and we would stay home. That’s why I wasn’t antsy when Vince said no at first. He oves going to Hawaii, and has really enjoyed the timeshare, but IF my homebody husband doesn’t WANT to travel with me, the extra purchase was useless. He AGREED to TRAVEL!!! YEAH!


  5. mhdriver Avatar

    I’m happy you had a great time. Then how could you not have a great it’s Hawaii !!


    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      Exactly! So how do you get your MH across the ocean? And have you been affected at all by Sandy?


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  7. Leanne Cole Avatar

    Sounds like a great place to have a holiday.


    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      We had a good time there. It’s a great place to relax, but also lots of fun things to do.


  8. Carmen Friesen Avatar
    Carmen Friesen

    Wow! Looks great. Mike and I do own points with Diamond Resorts. Our “home base” is Sedona, Arizona. We own 30,000 points and have assess to Diamond Resorts worldwide. We enjoy the freedom to travel.


    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      WOW, we do too, now, so let’s go girlfriend!!! Could you stand to go to the same place at the same time??? I sure could! That would be a kick!


  9. mikeakin1 Avatar

    You bet!


  10. stuffitellmysister Avatar

    What fun! And YES….do tell! 🙂


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