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Dawn of Retirement

Usually new jobs start on Monday, but in my case, my new job – Retirement – dawned on the last day of the month of August, 2012.My husband was up before it cracked – dawn that is, and called me to see the sunrise.  He took pictures, then I did.I was invited to go back to work for the monthly honoring of birthdays and other important events, like retirement.  Would you expect that getting up that early, I would be on time?

I had to blog about my wonderful party.  Then I had to read what some of my blogger friends were doing.  It’s only a half hour to get to work, and I knew I wouldn’t have ANY trouble making it by 10:00.  I got up before 6:00, that’s A.M.

At 9:18 a.m., I decided that I’d better get ready.  I left only 6 minutes late, and amazingly, although it was 10:03 when I walked into the building, I wasn’t late!!!  Another wonderful surprise awaited me.

Charlene asked me if I MINDED if they took some time to honor me.   How do you answer a question like that?  I told her I couldn’t handle mushiness – not that anyone would get mushy mind you.  Long ago when I left Oregon, my church friends gave me a going away party.  They gave me the most thoughtful gifts and started telling stories about me, and by the time they finished I had to go to the kitchen so they wouldn’t see me cry.  I couldn’t stop, I was so emotional that I couldn’t breathe.   Although I was excited about the future (back then in the past), leaving was incredibly painful.  I didn’t want to do that again.

Charlene promised, so the stories  at this party were all the dumb, goofy things that people endured with me.  Yes, there were a few, and I was only moved to tears from laughing so hard.  You might not think they are funny, but here they are:

  1. My attorney co-coordinator for Mock Trial and I volunteered to load all the equipment we used that evening into Paula’s car for her while she monitored the trials.  The only problem was that I didn’t remember what kind of car she had, and thought it was red.  (Her new car was black.)  The first red car on the street opened when we tried the trunk.  So we started loading – in spite of the large male tennis shoes and the golf clubs that I had never seen in Paula’s car.  To our credit, at some point we realized that we had made a mistake.  When we looked up to the third floor of the courthouse, we could see Paula looking down at us.  Oh yes, she knew…
  2. Charlene and I were driving together to a meeting with all the instructional consultants from our office.  The meeting was not far from the hotel a little way out of Sacramento at the presenter’s beautiful 80 acre ranch.  The 10 or 15 of us were the only participants.  In all fairness to me (the driver) Sacramento freeways ARE confusing, but in this case we were just talking and sharing funny stories.  When Charlene and I had driven for 30 minutes or more we decided that we must have passed the exit.  We had.  Our boss was not happy when he called, but we were so giddy that I didn’t have any eye make-up left on my eye lashes when we got to the meeting.  No telling where it all was.  I doubt if anyone noticed.
  3. Sometimes I get enthusiastic when I present, and on this one particular occasion I was wearing a pony tail.  I didn’t notice where it was going, but I guess all the participants did.  The rubber band wasn’t in very tight, and I guess my pony tail migrated from one side of my head to the other and back again. All the participants gave me their attention rapt, making me even more enthusiastic.  I thought it was my presentation on the Common Core Standards that was SO interesting, but now I’m thinking MAYBE NOT?
  4. Yes there were others, but you get the idea.

I received some WONDERFUL presents.  AMAZON GIFT CARDS!!!!!  A basket FULL of GOODIES.   Thank you all so much for your generosity.  You are all amazing!

Charlene then placed an hourglass in my hands to show what I had more of on my hands now that I was retired.  I actually thought it was to remind me of what she would expect my figure to look like because now I would have time to exercise and eat right.  Yes I did eat two more of Laura’s cookies for breakfast and another one after dinner along with a diet root beer float.  So I guess the hourglass figure is not off to a good start.

I didn’t cry at either of my retirement parties, but parting – not parties – is hard on me.  I went home and did something I may feel like doing after a big lunch, but never do.  I took a nap.  Did I actually write that down?  It was just a short one.  I’m not saying another word.  On the up side.  I’m not sleepy.  Not even a little bit.

I’ve finished this post.  Wonder what I should do next???  Tomorrow’s a day off work.  🙂

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  1. Ah, now time to work on a special book of commentary reflections, dedicated to a smiling toad personally, and signed, so that she may hoard it and delight in its mirthful pages at whim whenever, a joggled grin squiggled on the visage between onslaughts of great guffaws. Oh and the thing with the pony tail instantly brought to mind a Pepperment Pattie cartoon from Peanuts. Oh too cute. As for enthusiastic presentation, you would have me fully enthralled- enthusiasm is so rare it seems in a lot of presentations. I would be right with you, practically bounding out of my seat with my own exuberance to match yours. I expect that would have been one of my fall-out-of-the-chair episodes as a result….Loved the post, many glorious days of peace, reflection, beauty, blogging, writing books for smiling toads, and so on, to come. 🙂


    • There’s a little guy pictured in my About page that used to do just that in class when I read to them. I usually chose something funny – how odd! On one particular occasion I was reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School (you’d love those if you haven’t read them. They’re classics now.) In one chapter a kid in the school is going to get a tattoo for his birthday. He debates what he should get for a month, and the kids in class each have an idea as well. The day after his birthday he came in, and the kids were so anxious to see his tattoo, so with much fanfare, he lifted up his pant leg to show them all his new tattoo. At this point I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out. I was almost hysterical. Joel, started in as well, and soon he fell out of his seat. Oh yes, the tattoo – a potato.


  2. Dear lass, I got to number one and hardly got through it while in spasms of laughter, I haven’t even finished the post, I must relate to you a memory you sparked. This was some years ago, I was still a fiendish little juvenile offspring at the time. Me mum and dad had parked, got out to shuffle into Whole Foods. I loomed in the car. Some time passed and me mum appeared. I watched from the back seat and shot forward with great interest when I watched as she opened the door of the car right next to ours and planted herself in the driver’s seat, and began talking to the phantom lass that was supposed to be in the back seat. Then me dad came scuttling out, saw me mum in the driver’s seat there, and began his customary “check over the car” ritual, highly annoying. Well, he was aghast to see dents and marks that weren’t there before. He leans over for closer inspection when my mum catapults from the car as if she’d just been attacked by a flock of wasps and cries, “Sire! Wrong car!” It took a moment to rejester. He took it all in slowly. Then, “OPE this isn’t our car Jode!” Meanwhile, I am observing the entire time, my mum turns and sees me smiling through back seat window at her. Both of them were sheepish as they got into the car as I blurted without remorse or sympathy, “That car only had one thing in common with ours, it was white.” My mum wept, laughing so hard, “BABS,” she cried, “I think I would have tried the key in the ignition if I hadn’t gotten annoyed that you weren’t answering and turned around to see you weren’t there!” Sir said, “And I would have gotten in, myself. I kept wondering how our car suddenly got so beat up in the front…I was thinking what did we have an accident I forgot about?” We blasted out of there, hoping the owners would never have a clue about the bloomer that had been made.


    • Thanks. I don’t feel unbusy yet. I have to hurry back from the coast for a meeting in Fresno on Saturday, a presentation in Stockton on the following Wednesday, a meeting in Burlingame on the 21-22, and one in LA on the 27th. That should do it for this month! retirement??? But I do love to be busy!!!!


      • Great to know you have so much to keep you positively occupied. I think this is the right approach.
        There are many ppl who believe that once retired, one become useless and good for nothing. On the contrary, I think retirement means finish one chapter and start another one, but this new chapter is at your own terms; in a way just like what you are doing.
        Enjoy your time….


        • I totally agree. I’m excited about this chapter just as much as I was about the last one, and I have loved my career. It’s just time to do something a little different. Each career builds on the past. I’m just ready now. Thanks for reading and commenting. I LOVE the comments!!!


  3. Congratulations on your retirement! Very soon you’ll wonder how you ever had time to go to work! I’ve found that blogging has, at times, taken over all the spare time as well but that’s part of the fun!


    • I agree! Here I am traveling, and blogging while my husband naps. I love the interaction of reading, writing, reading some more, and responding to the other readers. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


  4. Um, Marsha, since you don’t work anymore, you don’t get a day off work. Labor day is for us folks who labor! Just kidding! I’ll gladly share any holiday with you. 🙂


    • hahaha You got it girlfriend. Only tomorrow, I’ve GOT to go to the coast! Real estate work! lol! Come over any time, or call and we’ll do something! Keep me young!!!





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