Extravagant India

Tanushree, a native of India, explains Indian religion and customs that even those not familiar with India can understand. Keep up the good writing Tanushree. there is a sweetness and honesty about her writing. Enjoy!

Tanushree Srivastava

India is a country of ancient cultures, beliefs and many superstitions. The land of India is worth worshipping if we trace back its history. The country is ruled by three Gods namely – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. According to the Hindu mythology this universe is created by Brahma whereas Mahesh is the super deity of life. Apart from these 3 divine characters, the Hindu mythology boasts of 84,00,00,000 gods and goddesses.
This staggering number is only an introduction to the country which is an epitome of cultures and traditions. I have read many posts by people around the world about India, I being an Indian think that I can draw a clearer picture of the chaos called the India Society.
India is a country where –
The mornings start with the ringing of the holy bell in a corner of every house.
The mother’s love is known by the amount…

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